Urban Street Angels

2016 Year in Review

Your Donations at Work

Since 2014, we’ve been working to end youth homelessness in San Diego and beyond. Our efforts are powered by the graciousness of our volunteers and the generosity of our donors. In 2016, $0.83 of every dollar raised by our organization went directly toward our mission of aiding homeless youth. Your support is directly responsible for the sustainable success of our weekly outreach events, our overnight shelters, and our transitional employment and supportive housing programs that engage with San Diego’s homeless community.



Progressive Efficiency

2017 (Projected)

14.2% Overhead


17.3% Overhead


38.3% Overhead


35.0% Overhead

Urban Street Angels began with a simple mission: getting homeless youth off the streets and onto a sustainable, safe path to change their lives. From our earliest days of serving food and hygiene supplies along the waterfront in Ocean Beach, we’ve matured as an organization, growing to encompass innovative, life-saving programs that approach the issue of youth homelessness from a variety of perspectives.

Our services now include an overnight shelter, which provides a safe haven for young people without homes, as well as a place where they can find community, solace, a warm meal, and a helping hand. Our weekly outreach events continue to feed those in need among the San Diego community.

We are also very proud of the success of our newest program, 8 West, which provides transitional employment and supportive housing opportunities for homeless youth with the aim of giving them the support they need to sustainably change their lives for the better. The social enterprise start-up part of our 8 West program also provides them with an opportunity to learn vital job skills that will benefit them throughout life.

In 2017, $0.86 cents of every $1.00 we raise will go directly to programs supporting homeless youth.

To best serve these efforts, we aim to grow our donations while cutting overhead costs. In doing so, we maximize the impact of our donors’ generosity. This strategy has paid clear dividends for our community of homeless youth.

Throughout our growth as an organization, we’ve taken steps to improve our efficiency. Each year, the percentage of our operating budget spent on overhead costs (non-program staffing, management, and administration) has decreased as a portion of our budget. In 2017, we are on target to ensure that $0.86 cents of every $1.00 you contribute goes to programs that directly serve those in need.

Charitywatch.org, an internationally-recognized organization that rates non-profits, considers those that spend $0.75 or more of every $1.00 raised on charitable programs to be highly efficient. As stewards of the financial support that you entrust to us, we’ll always do our very best to responsibly make a huge difference in the lives of homeless youth in our community.

Now and Forward

In 2016, Urban Street Angels experienced its best year to date.

Through the donations of our generous supporters and our growing partnerships with other charitable organizations and the County of San Diego HHSA/MHSA, we’ve been able to hit the ground running with 8 West’s social enterprise startup and our supportive housing program. In 2017, our overnight shelter program will expand to other locations across the San Diego area. We will also expand our trained staff to match the expanding scale, scope and impact of our various programs.

With your generous support, we can meet our goal of more than doubling our donations in 2017.



Your contributions allow us to continue serving our community, developing innovative programs that make a sustainable difference, and expanding our reach to change more young lives for the better. They help us to bring on more trained staff to help deal with the unique challenges homeless youth face in their day-to-day lives. They are undoubtedly changing San Diego for the better.

Now more than ever, we need the support of our donor community to help us fulfill our promise of ending youth homelessness.

We look forward to working with you in the coming year.