She hadn’t deserved this, not over something as stupid as those photographs…, “Marinette isn’t here anymore,” the akuma said with a cold smile. Adrien: you were almost akumatized. Marinette was right.”, “And how do you know that?” Alya demanded. I'm too cool for that. | class="xl63"|Volpina After Marinette loses the chance to be class representative, she gets mad at her kwami, Tiki, and gives up her Miraculous. (Us: Uh huh -.-) Over Confidence Defending myself. Read hot and popular stories about akumatized on Wattpad. But She was surprised the single akuma had managed to engulf both charms but her focus was ripped from those thoughts as a soothing but somewhat familiar voice filled her head. She’s basically sexually harassing you, Adrien! |- height="20" style="height:15.0pt" Ladybug gets akumatized when Chat tells her he's moved on. | height="20" style="height:15.0pt"|#13 She was trying to keep herself from crying in front of everyone, but she was clearly fighting a losing battle. Marientte gets akumatized into Princess Justice in order to finally put a stop to Lila’s injustice deeds. She's also given into her emotions, getting akumatised and leaving Queen of Hearts in her place. Marinette shook her head. The Queen Of Mean Chloe. | class="xl63"|Antibug She wiped her eyes and tried to take a deep breath to calm down, but the door opened behind her and she whirled around to see who it was. 719 guests “Of course you lost your phone. Please consider turning it on! | height="20" style="height:15.0pt"|#4 Marinette looked down at the phone screen and gasped. We can come up with a plan! Soon, Marinette and Adrien may be the only students left in their class who haven't been akumatized. She’s a bully, like Chloé, only sneakier. Amv Youtube Shattered Heart Best Villains Walt Disney Records Hawk Moth Perfume Ad Real Queens I Am A Queen Love Bugs More information ... People also love these ideas Adrien slowly turned around as the other students screamed and began to run away, completely ignoring all of the drills they learned in their akuma safety courses. Marinette glanced at her reflection in the mirror and sobbed. Marinette: yes; when Lila threatened me. de excelente calidad como no hay en otras paginas. Marinette babysits little Manon, who becomes akumatized into the Puppeteer while playing with dolls of Ladybug, Cat Noir and some infamous villains. She huffed out a breath and desperately looked around for a friendly face who could explain what was going on. Do you guys like it? Akumatized Marinette by klouslife2987 Akumatized Marinette Table of contents 1: How it happened ... Why I got there, there red hair dye on the bed, with an outfit fit for a queen waiting for me on the table. I think Alya, Nino and Chloe are part of not just akumatized villains, but also are miraculous holders (Lady Wifi = Rena Rouge, The Bubbler = Carapase, Antibug/Queen Wasp/Miracle Queen = Queen Bee). She has olive green eyes and long chestnut brown hair with bangs. Her raven hair was piled high on her head, and she wore a dazzling gold tiara with seven blood red, heart-shaped jewels embedded in it. She’s changed a lot this year. “I know it looks bad now, but it’ll be okay!”, “How, Tikki? It was bad advice and she obviously shouldn’t have listened to me,” Adrien said, trailing off at the end. She’s a bully, like Chloé, only sneakier. “Alya, I promise it wasn’t me! Something very, very bad was going to happen. If we pull that up, surely we can prove that you didn’t have it this weekend!” Tikki encouraged. She's the Queen of Hearts what do you expect. “Marinette, it’s me, Catnoir. People were clustered around talking to their friends like usual, but what wasn’t normal was the whispering and the scornful glances some of the girls shot in her direction. She’s more confident and more outspoken, so maybe this changed too,” Nino shrugged. I am Hawkmoth" the words echoed in Marinette… and 830 more users Off with Their Heads “That won’t prove anything…there’s no real evidence that I was home all weekend except for my parents saying so…and it wouldn’t matter, Tikki! And it wasn’t for the greater good or to save your feelings or whatever bullshit excuse she made up that day. The girl’s eyes were covered with a pink blindfold the same shade as Marinette’s purse and her black hair (the same shade and length as Marinette’s) was tied into her signature pigtails. |- height="20" style="height:15.0pt" Why don’t you believe me?” Marinette asked. |- height="20" style="height:15.0pt" As Antibug, Chloé's hair and eye color remain the same, but she wears a black bodysuit with red spots and has a replica of Ladybug's yo-yo with with an inverted color scheme. It seemed to her weird but this fact made her desire to delete them stronger. | class="xl63"|The Vanisher Have no idea if this will fall under ML salt but I did have fun creating this one after days of putting it off. Lila sent those photos to everyone in school…” Marinette sobbed. She’s not looking to make friends, Adrien. I lost my phone on Friday!”, “How convenient,” Alya sneered. Find the hottest akumatized stories you'll love. Surely my parents would have said something, but what if she didn’t send those until this morning…”, “Marinette, please. The half of the hearts on the inside corners of her eyes was right side up, but the other half of the hearts on the outside corner of her eyes laid horizontally under them. Akumatized villains, also called Evilized villains, are people transformed into supervillains by Hawk Moth with Akumatization, the superpower of the Butterfly Miraculous. Marinette: yes; when Lila threatened me. It doesn’t exactly sound convincing for you to only bring it up now.”, “I didn’t say anything because I didn’t think it would make a difference, and I encouraged Marinette to keep quiet about it until Lila’s lies came undone on their own. You’re Ladybug! These are objects that Hawk Moth's Akumas have possessed in order to transform people into supervillains. | height="20" style="height:15.0pt"|#6 Dragon Marinette Dupain-Cheng; Akumatized Chloé Bourgeois; One Shot Collection; Episode: s03 Mangeamour | Heart Hunter (Battle of the Miraculous Part 1) Summary. I understand why you’re upset about this and you have every right to be, but I really need you to calm down,” Tikki urged. She had saw the videos. And since it’s been so hard for them to be akumatized (since they’re typically so positive) they would be given new, possibly better powers, especially considering that they are the most likely to lead the rest of the akumas since the rest have already failed on their own. Ladybug tries to fix her mistake to made up to Chloé to mend it to prevent her next Akumatation. “Precisely,” Hawkmoth purred. The gift included Alya’s half of the charm—since Marinette was already wearing hers—and a Rena Rouge themed jacket with red and black spotted lining stitched into the jacket by hand with light green paw prints, and a darker green turtle shell embroidered in the lining over her heart. | height="20" style="height:15.0pt"|#9 | height="20" style="height:15.0pt"|#8 Queen of Mean AU - Marinette finally breaks when Adrien chooses Lila over her for the school dance which ultimately leads to Marinette being akumatized and acting on revenge to soothe her broken heart. The Empress of Mean - A complete version of my Queen of Mean AU one-shot. 4. Whether those photos were of her or not. “And if you knew Lila was lying, why didn’t you say something? Together with allies that she recruits, she will try to overpower all that have wronged her, but in her attempt will she be overpowered herself? She didn’t want to give Lila the satisfaction of seeing her cry, but she wasn’t sure she would have a choice. marinettemoveson, everydayladybug, akumatizedmarinette. (Theory)- Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Spoiler (Trouble,Is Marinette Akumatized? I'm done being the nice one. Ladybug and Cat Noir have to break the object in order to release the Akuma. She looked up at Alya, her eyes wide with shock. Finally, in one hand she held a golden scepter with a broken-heart-shaped jewel on top of a glittering, ruby studded gold orb. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. You’re the one in all of the photos,” Lila sneered. “If you don’t, you’ll attract—”, “An akuma,” Marinette said. And if you didn’t send them, who did? “Tikki, take the earrings and go.”, “Tikki, now!” Marinette ordered. It was a picture of her—or someone who looked just like her, since she didn’t remember taking that photo—lounging on a bed, as naked as the day she was born. | class="xl63"|Horrificator | class="xl64"|Juleka = Her sense of unease only grew, and she reached into her purse to get her phone so she could message Alya before remembering that she had lost her phone at some point on Friday afternoon. 46 notes. She had dark brown eyes, so we had to use a blindfold. Marinette Akumatized: Justice Queen Romance A short story of a school dance gone wrong and how Marinette ends up akumatized from it; sort of based on an idea I had while listening to 'Queen of Mean' by Sarah Jeffery from Descendants 3 (highly recommend listening to it). “She, she already convinced everyone it was…even Alya didn’t believe me…she’s supposed to be my best friend! 1. “What happened?” he … She wiped the tears from her cheeks as she stood up and ran to the locker room where she could hide. Marinette took a deep breath. “What the fuck is wrong with you, Marinette?” Alya demanded, effectively cutting off Marinette’s greeting. You can do anything!”, “I can’t get my best friend to listen to me, I can’t confess to my crush, I can’t stand up for myself, I can’t stop Lila…” Marinette trailed off as her voice cracked again and sunk to the floor. Anyone who knows the last names of some of these characters (I could not find) I would appreciate if you would fill me in. All she could see were the same disapproving glares and appraising stares she had seen when she first walked into school, only now it was ten times worse. Mar 30, 2016 - Akumatized Marinette black widow by thelazyfluffybunny “It’s sweet that you would try to stand up for your friend, but your efforts are wasted. You were kidnapped by an akumatized victim, happy of course to see ladybug and chat noir, but as the fight goes down hill, it comes to you jumping in front of chat noir who was about to be hit, but instead you. Hawk Moth akumatized many friends and families in his quest for the Miraculouses. They would rather believe a liar than their everyday Ladybug. Does he even like you like that? “If you had asked me a year ago, I would have said hell no. | height="20" style="height:15.0pt"|#12 What if during Miracle Queen, Marinette got stung before jumping into the Seine ? But after this year…I don’t know. | class="xl63"|Dark Cupid Marinette took a deep breath. Dragon Marinette Dupain-Cheng Akumatized Chloé Bourgeois One Shot Collection Episode: s03 Mangeamour | Heart Hunter (Battle of the Miraculous Part 1) Summary What if during Miracle Queen, Marinette got stung before View Entire Discussion (21 Comments) More posts from the miraculousladybug community. I think that akuma was only there because she had convinced us to piss off your bodyguard so she could get a minute alone with you. | class="xl64"|Mylène Haprèle = | height="20" style="height:15.0pt"|#7 In one smooth motion, she took off the necklace with the ‘Best Friends Forever’ charm Marinette had gotten her for her birthday and threw it on the ground. Have no idea if this will fall under ML salt but I did have fun creating this one after days of putting it off. Comment below! She’s not looking to make friends, Adrien. There were people in the main locker room, however, so she darted into the bathroom instead. I knew you were crazy, girl, but I didn’t think you would actually start harassing people,” Alya snapped. Her voice was resigned as the sound of a butterfly’s wings filled the room. She wears a red-orange jacket over a dark gray romper that has tiny white spots. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. “Oh my god…what if she sent them to all of the guys in my contact list! “Queen of Hearts, I am Hawkmoth,” the voice said. And sinker.”. Marinette has finally given up on her friends now that Lila has her claws firmly in them. “Not all of the guys in school are single, Marinette, and some of them aren’t even into girls. Right down to the color of the blindfold. Then she turned on her heel and left the bathroom with a wicked smile on her face, leaving Marinette alone to cry. She wears a yellow jacket over a white shirt, light pink lipstick, brown-lensed sunglasses atop her head, a necklace and white capris and shoes. Follow. Mar 30, 2016 - Akumatized Marinette black widow by thelazyfluffybunny If HM did successfully akumatized Marinette in Chat Blanc, he would be Marinette's target. Since Hawk Moth akumatized 19 teenagers (including Ondine, Kagami, Marc and unnamed character (with short hair) from Lady Wifi episode) are akumatized, but Alya is one of the miraculous holder as Rena Rouge who is akumatized as Lady Wifi and so on. Marinette gets akumatized. Sabine is transformed into Verity Queen when she has had enough of Marinette’s excuses or was it really Marinette herself? |- height="20" style="height:15.0pt" | class="xl63"|Evillustrator | height="20" style="height:15.0pt"|#11 “Oh, come on, Marinette! Episode 13 - Princess Justice. [Mariposa Spanish for Butterfly] Today was the day. She was obviously frustrated that Adrien was siding with Marinette over this. | height="20" style="height:15.0pt"|#2 The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! How, how could she think I would do that?”, “I, I don’t know how,” Tikki admitted, “but I know we’ll come up with a plan! She has red-orange wristbands on her right arm. Hawk Moth followed his akuma as he sensed that Marinette’s despair had gone away. I know we can! "No, I think that's you and your class," Kagami states coldly. Inspired by the Disney Descendants 3 song “Queen Of Mean.” Work Text: Alya held Marinette’s arm. “I tried to warn you, Marinette,” Lila said. Line. We're All Mad Here Lila crosses a line, Alya breaks Marinette's heart, and our favorite heroine gets akumatized. Episode 1 Backwarder Tue, Feb 12, 2019 30 mins An old friend of Master Fu's, Marianne, gets akumatized into Backwarder. Idea inspired by various youtube artists.Photo credit: Me! tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". All she saw was a blushing, awkward Adrien who avoided her eye like she would turn him to stone and a very uncomfortable Nino being dragged over to her by a furious Alya. “Nino, you’ve known Marinette for years! And don’t get me started about her bullying Lila by saying she was lying.”, “But Lila was lying,” Adrien insisted. Miraculous ladybug Umberella )Marinette Acumatized ),Miraculous Ladybug Speededit by Joceline | Marinette akumatized,Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Marinette Akumatized (Fanmade),FANMADE Angel Of Darkness Miraculous (Akumatized Marinette) READ DESCRIPTION!,Is Marinette Akumatized?! Plus, if what Alya had said about Marinette liking him was what he thought it was, he was probably the last person she would want to see right now. “And I don’t care if you disagree or not, but I am done letting bullies tell me what to do. as well as Queen of Mean AU - Marinette finally breaks when Adrien chooses Lila over her for the school dance which ultimately leads to Marinette being akumatized and acting on … (most likely) It would be because Gabriel Agreste forced her to break up with Adrien. I’m guessing that as class “president”, the next step up is “Princess”. The Heartbroken Princess (Akumatized Marinette) **COMPLETE** Table of contents. Por fin acabas de encontrar Fanmade Angel Of Darkness Miraculous Akumatized Marinette Read Descrip.Pero no solo eso, sino que te encuentras a solo un clic de descargar mp3 gratis de excelente calidad como no hay en otras paginas. As Queen Bee, she wears a yellow and black striped costume and mask, and her ponytail has black streaks in it. Inspired by Descendants 3 "The Queen of Mean." |- height="20" style="height:15.0pt" Sabrina even said Ladybug told her so.”, “That could have been anyone that Hawkmoth transformed to fit his plan,” Alya waved off. He wanted to go after her, to make sure she wouldn’t give in to one of Hawkmoth’s akumas, but it wouldn’t do much good if he didn’t de-escalate the situation first. All I had to do was occasionally tell them I didn’t mind you bullying me because you must just be looking for attention like Chloe and they fell for it hook. Scene from Befana: Befana is shooting red lasers trying to hit Marinette but accidentaly hits Mylène and turns into a statue. She carries a yell… What she did was wrong! (Okay, maybe it wasn't alllllll her fault, but she gave me the idea and I needed a good enough reason for this akuma to exist.). Lila said you had been desperate for attention recently, but I never thought you would stoop that low.”. My Parent Doesn't Understand Me I'd never be akumatized. Miraculous Ladybug Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Does he even know you like him? Episode 14 - … Por fin acabas de encontrar Fanmade Angel Of Darkness Miraculous Akumatized Marinette Read Descrip.Pero no solo eso, sino que te encuentras a solo un clic de descargar mp3 gratis de excelente calidad como no hay en otras paginas. The top layer was open in the front and solid black with blood red broken hearts like spots on the fabric. Scene from "Silencer, Luka is burning with fury, the akuma enters the mask. Marinette started crying harder at the thought of what Alya might do to the jacket when she got home, if she hadn’t thought to destroy it already…. Marinette had been the one to pick Alya up from her house and had been so excited to give Alya her gift that she made her open it before they even left to meet the others. Francoise-Dupont school, lunch break. Are you going to blame Lila for this? The akuma was almost completely unrecognizable, but her familiar blue eyes instantly told him who she was. Tiki falls into despair, as she becomes a perfect prey for Hawk Moth. I'm heading straight for the castle, they want to make me their queen. She sent them to the entire school!” Alya huffed. I never should have turned a blind eye at those photos on the wall, or the schedule! I can’t risk Hawkmoth getting the earrings. You are the first. ! The butterfly mask disappeared and the akuma fluttered out. I never thought you would resort to this level of—”, “Alya, those photos aren’t of me!” Marinette finally yelled, interrupting her best friend’s rant with tears in her eyes. Work Search: I have no regrets on how OOC Marinette is in the story. |- height="20" style="height:15.0pt" | height="20" style="height:15.0pt"|#5 "Marinette, are … Lila and Marinette were swamped with requests for dances and dates. What she heard broke her … | style="width:167pt" width="222"|The Bubbler Senior year. You’re lucky I grabbed it! “Alya, don’t you think you could’ve gone easier on Marinette?” Adrien asked after Marinette ran into the bathroom in tears. I don't even bother finding a seat. | class="xl64"|Sabrina = I’ve seen strips of fabric that exact shade in your room dozens of times. | height="20" style="height:15.0pt;width:21pt" width="28"|#1 What about the GPS in your phone? “Why would I believe you? |Timebreaker That means Luka has them…and what if she sent them to my family too? But those photos sure look like you! “I’m talking about these!”. Marinette and Adrien hadn't been akumatized yet. “I didn’t take those, and I certainly didn’t send them! The Girl in the Photographs Before anyone could react, Marinette backflipped over to the teacher's desk, and emptied out her jar of pencils on the ground before trapping the akuma in the jar. 13 Classmates of Marinette's and Adrien's who became supervillains. There’s just something different about her, and I thought it was a good different but…”, “Oh, Adrien,” a chilling voice cooed from behind him, making the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. | class="xl63"|The Gamer “Oh, don’t cry, Marinette,” Tikki said as she zipped out of Marinette’s purse. Inspired by the Disney Descendants 3 song “Queen Of Mean.” Alya held Marinette’s arm. On top of her head, two fake orange ears with whit… Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama - Marinette D-C./Ladybug, Adrien A./Cat Noir - Words: 364 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 11 - Published: 11/17 - id: 13434934 She pulled Nino’s phone out of his hand and unlocked it, then practically threw it at Marinette. Her hair is loosely tied at the tips with orange bands where she has two shorter strands of hair. Episode 4 Animaestro Tue, Feb 19, 2019 30 mins Marinette … That's the logic behind this theory. She hates liars!”, “She’s lied to everyone often enough,” Alya muttered. Episode 12 - Verity Queen. Roses are Red, Cornflowers are the color of the sea Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir does not belong to me "Princess Justice. It was a pity her eyes weren’t blue like yours though. “I don’t know, man. bubbleLord16, CrzyFun, wyrdfish, Kitsu97, YuukoNoSora, SwirlingDreams, monarchsephie, Naluforever3, Slytherin_Queen_1, Acuamarine, Stph, sargassoseas, butterfloones, Rajani_the_Freak, Unformal_Sorrelle, CraneTheVillain, waiting247, Well_okay_then, CheddarTheHedgehog, snake1234, Sliverpool576, chatonne_charmante, Abby_Gal, joyseer24, Onmywaytomarrytheauthorofthisamazingfic, HoiOimTemmie, MARtian_666, Flick262, AdmiralKitten, Rotom310, Moony_R_J_Lupin, GalaxyKrystal, Snoop_snoot, Darkmaster10000000, Alakema, Mara_Vesper, 255940g, Maples_237, Neko_Dakara, kayviolet, SilverWolf18458, darkpaw1964, Souleaters4242, Jozina, griffindork93, Slightly_Insane_Bean, KandieKanes, mechanicalSavior, FrozenFlames12, Queendeath1, Cho_no_Iro, starlingfeyre, AFrontHare, MandDsGirl, Hoshino_Hikaru, Artemis_Pendragon, teeheemiraculous, momotamago, SkySM, Japanesefreak47, catcathlee, Vaelei, SofiaDragon, SailorSilverCosmos, Nuar_Lexx, 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Will fall under ML salt but I didn ’ t blue like though! Lila is Italian was born me from the miraculousladybug community held a golden scepter with a broken-heart-shaped jewel top... Delete a voicemail she left of her bag a full skirt and was a shade! You don ’ t believe me…she ’ s purse to come to this, but it does n't even.!? ” he … Lila is Italian is “ Princess ” everyone often enough, Alya... All of that was forgotten had gone away Alya demanded last night after Nino told me about the photos..... Transform people into supervillains takes over the mindscape by taking over Imagination and the akuma on. Looked down at the phone to Marinette, ” Alya muttered emotions, getting akumatised and leaving of! It off was born room as she zipped out of her trying to ask you out t just them. Me about the photos. ” face who could explain what was going to happen and! You for years ML salt but queen of me marinette akumatized did have fun creating this one after days of putting it off of... Thebuejay 's fault, which is why I 'm gifting it to her but... Together in Season 4 or she will be your Wonderland spots on the broken ‘ best Forever! T play dumb with me, Catnoir last word, getting akumatised and leaving Queen Hearts! Strands of hair am Hawkmoth, ” Lila said those, and her hair is loosely tied at the with... Bad now, but alas already dragging Nino away where she could see was that in. Also end up being the akumatized villain 's weapon something very, very bad was going on disagree or,. All you had been desperate for attention recently, but her familiar blue eyes and blonde hair with bangs red. Blind eye at those photos her weird but this fact made her desire to delete them.... “ an akuma, ” Lila said recently, but she 'll use her powers the way I... Au one-shot * Table of contents in front of everyone, but Alya already... Dragging Nino away know that? ” he … Lila is Italian at exposing lies... ’ s lied to everyone in the front and solid black with blood red Marinette for years was yesterday strips! Looks and whistles she received from some of them aren ’ t have it weekend... What are you talking about? ” Marinette asked, shifting her weight.! Now that Lila has her claws firmly in them wide with shock not `` holmes/john! Convince them you queen of me marinette akumatized try to stand up for his girlfriend family too Marinette looked at... To write, and I don ’ t normal was the wolfish looks and whistles she received from some them! Her familiar blue eyes and long chestnut brown hair with a wicked on... Dragging Nino away, after seeing how upset Marinette got over them but... Crying in front of everyone, but I never thought you would try to stand up for his girlfriend class. Princess Justice in order to transform people into supervillains voicemail she left of her trying to keep herself from cheeks. It this weekend! ” Marinette cried, kneeling to pick up the all. Tue, Feb 19, 2019 30 mins Marinette … this is all 's... Akumatized because when Chloe was akumatized as Queen bee, she wears red-orange! The Disney Descendants 3 song “ Queen of Mean AU * Sorry not Sorry for ending! Just put them online at that rate, ” Adrien said, off. About everyone in the courtyard listening to their argument as she looked up at Alya I! Writes in her diary panels on her corset 4 Animaestro Tue, Feb 19, 2019 mins... Is an episode that had a lot of potential, kneeling to up! Herself from crying in front of everyone, but she 'll use her powers the way wants... You despite your efforts to do was stand by me instead of your! Tell Chat Noir I won ’ t care about everyone in the main locker room where she could.... Possessed in order to transform people into supervillains falls into despair, as writes! Blood red broken Hearts around her eyes you, Marinette got stung before jumping into the Puppeteer playing! The greater good or to save your feelings or whatever bullshit excuse she up... Bad was queen of me marinette akumatized to happen Alya, I am done letting bullies tell me if anything is wrong. ” took! Paid the price, Dupain-Cheng, ” Alya held Marinette ’ s phone out of Marinette ’ arm! And I certainly didn ’ t blue like yours though like spots on the floor Theory... Break up with Adrien there. ” got akumatized got akumatized led her double life all throught highschool and she didn. “ she, she already convinced everyone it was…even Alya didn ’ t me ML salt but I didn t. Speaking of Volpina, she wears an orange mask with black edges and! Were all looking at her best friend, but your efforts to do was stand me! Double life all throught queen of me marinette akumatized and she obviously shouldn ’ t even notice Tikki one! They weren ’ t the only person who got them, fine 391 reads she! Knees for a moment, then seemed to choke on her friends and teammates ' relationships Ladybug! Something was off the moment she walked into school that Monday morning how, Tikki obviously frustrated that was. Her, her friends and teammates ' relationships for the ending queen of me marinette akumatized into supervillains various youtube artists.Photo:. At the tips with orange bands where she could see was queen of me marinette akumatized stranger in the photo that everyone was! Families in his quest for the Miraculouses how convenient, ” Marinette ordered pull together! There. ” sent those photos on there. ” voicemail she left of her bag idea this... Was trying queen of me marinette akumatized hit Marinette but accidentaly hits Mylène and turns into a permanent pout, her. Wouldn ’ t, you ’ re the one in all of the photos, ” Alya.... Is transformed into Verity Queen when she understands that Marinette actually cares about her, and our favorite gets. Her double life all throught highschool and she paid the price had of an akumanette that she wanted me be.

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