Welcome to the end of the game! On a different note, Braid has a second ending, a very difficult one, as well. Maybe you've been a real trooper and gone back into NewGame+ to … This item is required in order to get the 64 cube ending since there is hidden tetris code on the ground near certain pillars that you can only get with this item. Did you just bea the regular game, or the ful 64-cube game? Just try to get the bad ending while you have 64 cubes, and it gives you the good ending instead. The Alien Ruins Dimension is the only place in the game without any collectables in it, which is perhaps because its a different dimension than where Nine Circles exploded in the beginning of the game. ~shrug~. 1. To enter first person, you need to get the bad ending and start New Game+. Go though it with accurate timing and you will get either the 32-cube ending or the 64-cube ending, depending on how many cubes you have. Fez Cube Guide – End Game By Todd Schlickbernd • 9 years ago • Guides. After you're done with the opening sequence, it depends on what button you have first person mode mapped to. I'm hoping that is … impossible, nearly). ... How to continue collecting cubes in FEZ after 32-cube door and reboot? I've already gotten all 64 cube/anti-cube bits in Fez and finished the game, but there are two doors which remain inaccessible to me. Finally, we are left with a white cube (Gomez’s head) and a smaller red cube (the fez).-Next, we are moving rapidly across the surface of the red cube (the fez) as the white cube (Gomez’s head) “rises” over the red (a la 2001: A Space Odyssey), and we now zoom in towards the white head. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 7 months ago. They can be found in the following locations Telescope Room Red Heart Cube When you look through the telescope in the direction it faces when you enter the room, you can see two flashing red stars. I just want to make sure that it isn't some kind of game ending thing inside that will make me lose my map and progress. I've only gotten the first ending and I took what happened to mean that since I didn't get all the cubes (something like 34, instead of 64) the restoration of the big God Cube didn't work. As the name suggests, they let you go into first person. There is a NG++ and another "ability" that unlocks with it. Today, we unveil our Completionist run of Polytron's Fez. Red Cubes are the ultimate collectibles of Fez. Got all 64 cubes and just finished my NG+. The 64-bit door under the little tree island, and the door underneath the main warp gate. No "true ending" still, because there's one puzzle at the end that apparently only a whole one person has solved so far...one of the sound engineers for Fez. The First Person Shades are an item you get after the 32 Cube Ending. ... Where does the 64-cube door lead? Also, when you get this item, it looks a lot like the "Deal With It" shades. You'll want to google it, I think, because getting it is about as easy as getting a full 204.9% on FEZ without a guide (i.e. If you're anything like most Fez players, you managed to complete the game with most of the golden cube shards, and a smattering of anti-cubes. That's how you do it. If you’re here, you’ve gone through the 32 cube door, much like a boss. Once you have done that, head to the Star Gate in the 32-cube room for a new ending. Played this pretty much all day. There are four Red Cubes in total, three of which can be collected. First, make sure that you collect all 64 cubes. Once the credits … I have beaten the first, but not the second.

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