During the battle of Praxus-Delta, Optimus Prime hired Rodimus' team to bolster his own forces. Home - Team Prime X Reader ... Rodimus catches you as you fall backwards, simply standing for a couple astroseconds before lifting his servo to his comm and ordering for a medic. $119.99 $79.99 (33 %) Out Of Stock. This is a list of known Autobots from the Transformers fictional universe and toy line. He also acts as Lori's Autobot guardian. Kup has assumed the role of mentor and advisor to the impetuous young Hot Rod, offering him wisdom and advice when he needs it (though Hot Rod … Hot Rod. Rodimus Prime/Motormaster, Glass Gas (Cliff Jumper/Kickback and Sideswipe/Offroad), Wheeljack/Shockwave, Inferno/Rodimus Unicronus, and Hound VAMP/Soundwave HISS are just a few of the names to consider here. Rodimus Cron is Hot Rod after he was corrupted by Overlord shoving a shard of Unicron into him and a major antagonist in the Transformers: Prime Wars trilogy of web series. Formally known as Orion Pax, a clerk in Iacon's Hall of Records. Then pull the Matrix of Chaos out of his chest himself. A-Team Firing: He's a terrible shot, particularly in the heat of the moment. Printed on 80 pound glossy coat stock and comes in a plastic top loader case, ships flat in holder. We don't need a new Hot Rodimus that converts, we already have plenty one and they look alot cooler. 8 Better - Rodimus Prime The hotheaded Hotrod would gain wisdom and strength through the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. When Rodimus Prime joined the Autobots, he went by the name "Hot Rod." My actions speak louder than words See if you can master the detailed conversion of a Leader Class figure. See what Rodimus Prime (Rodprime1978) found on Pinterest, the home of the world's best ideas - 397 Followers, 16 Following, 8313 pins While doing his job of reading and indexing information from the Communication Grid, he overheard Megatron talking to some gladiators. His weapon is an energy arrow of his own designing. Optimus dispatched the pursuing Decepticons, and Rodimus, never truly comfortable with leadership, relinquished the Matrix to … Damage Amplification. Agreeing with Megatron's belief about the caste system, they meet and became good friend. Its the G1 cartoon type look for all … Bad Boss: He's quick-tempered and rather callous towards Ten. Optimus Prime was shown to shoot the seatbelt straps on Spike from a distance while he was in a moving vehicle yet couldn't hit Megatron who wasn't very well hidden behind Hot Rod? He's running now, towards the Lost Light as quick as he can with a dying lover in his arms. I was happy. I actually like and think they should stick with Washington Football Team And I still think if we change The Flood is a no-brainer and our tradishun. "Then… 'til all are one!" While Rodimus always believed in Optimus Prime’s vision of conquest, he did not want to be a follower. : cars and other objects), a synergistic blend of biological evolution and technological engineering. Able to transform into a supped-up sports car, he is a Lieutenant of the Autobot Resistance and is the leader of Team Rodimus, a small group of his closest friends stuck on Earth to protect it against the Destrons as a fallback base for the main forces to regroup. I didn't care if the older Autobots scorned my childish ways, I was happy. Everyone loves Drift, but three of the crew loved him more than the rest of the team. He stood … Pursued by the Decepticons through space, a team of Autobots led by Rodimus Prime took refuge in the mausoleum, where they were encountered by the seemingly-reborn Optimus. 1 History 1.1 Titans Return 1.2 Power of the Primes 2 Navigation Rodimus Cron was created when Overlord jabbed Hot Rod in the chest with a shard of Unicron, corrupting him into a darker version of himself. $54.95. Optimus Prime, known in Japan as Convoy (コンボイ, Konboi), is a fictional character created by the Transformers franchise. The Autobot Hot Rod figure converts from sports car to robot mode in 14 steps. He is a Cybertronian, a fictional extraterrestrial species of sentient self-configuring modular robotic lifeforms (e.g. The gestalt team n halianta has to deal with consequences; ... Rodimus | Rodimus Prime/Thunderclash (137) Megatron/Optimus Prime (128) Chromedome/Rewind (Transformers) (103) Jazz/Prowl (Transformers) (87) Galvatron/Rodimus | Rodimus Prime (71) Exclude Additional Tags One of the very rare occasions where the Autobots and the Decepticons decide to work together. Once, I was called Hot Rod; a carefree child. 12 Optimus Prime. The terrorcons got into the super energon and grow in size. It took a lot of power and gumption from Optimus and the rest of his team in order to get rid of Sentinel. The team I lead is called Team Athena. 6,050 1,151 5. We work like any other autobots to stop cons from taking over. Arise Rodimus Prime. Rodimus Prime and Motormaster are in the special class in TFEW. Ironhide's team takes a beating by Scorponok and Ironhide's three rhyming buddies are taken out. When you just need to do MORE damage, bots that can amplify the damage you cause have you covered. 1.1K likes. The Cyber Squad: The Fallen sends his elite decepticon team known as the Cyber Squad to Cybertron to keep the team of Rodimus Minor made up of Rodimus Minor, Hot Shot, Red Alert, Brawn and Iron Hide's replacement Arcee from reactivating the spacebridge because they were ordered by Ultra Magnus to go to Earth and help Optimus Prime and his team. Prime hesitated. Even for the special class, they do have very high HP, putting them on par with those in the warrior class. Rodimus Prime is a reformatted version of the Autobot Hot Rod. I never asked to be their leader. In the battle, the Decepticons managed to destroy every member of the Wreckers except for Rodimus. Hot Rod had tried to help him unlike Kup. He transforms into a car that resembles a Dodge Challenger. Rodimus Prime, originally named Hot Rod, was for a time the new leader and The Chosen One in the prophecy for the Autobots. The Rodimus Prime figure converts to performance-trailer mode in 28 steps. 1 Rodimus Prime. 1,538 likes. he said loudly, raising his servo as high as he could. However, it’s their special ability, Matrix Burst (for Rodimus Prime) / Lightning Burst which makes them deadly in a “rush” team that gets in close to the base. It's because he, and some other members of Team Rodimus are having Velocity administer "mood suppressants" to suppress their feelings of grief over Skids' death rather than trying to actually process them. Rodimus Prime. WFC-E29 Team: Seeker Elite Skywarp and Thundercracker Seeker Set of 2 Voyager Class ... Rise of Rodimus Prime and Galvatron Set of 2 Figures | Transformers Platinum Edition. They plundered resources across Cybertron and preyed upon the weak. 1 Rodimus Prime. While Rodimus always believed in Optimus Prime's vision of conquest, he did not want to be a follower. The names Rodimus. Profile pic used doesn't belong to me it belongs to: LostVelocitron on Twitter! When the heroic HOT ROD is corrupted by the Matrix of Chaos, he evolves to RODIMUS UNICRONUS, a servant of evil driven by a sole purpose: destroy the Matrix of Leadership. He looked at Team Prime, trying to look strong. During the battle of Praxus-Delta, Optimus Prime hired Rodimus’ team to […] The size is 11x17 inches. ... Rodimus | Rodimus Prime (382) Ratchet (Transformers) (121) Megatron (Transformers) (79) Ultra Magnus (Transformers) (78) Rodimus Prime (animated). He was chosen by fate to take his place among the universe’s legendary warriors, and his fight will not end until the last Decepticon threat is extinguished. Can't really say Joined April 25, 2017 Following Rodimus is one of the main protagonists in Transformers Loud. 109w 1 like Reply RODIMUS PRIME THE KILLER ROBOT, Puduchcheri, India. G1 Japanese - Reissue - C-77 Rodimus Prime - MIB. 15 Rodimus Prime. PRIME MASTERS carry the spark of a Prime, allowing them to share a Prime’s godlike ability with other bots. Since I first saw Rodimus Prime aged 10, he's been my favourite Autobot. The Ole Miss Football Team. He was young and brash, and longed to be a hero. Rodimus Prime Team Picture 11x17 Color Poster *NEW* ***FREE SHIPPING*** This is a full color Poster. Optimus smiled and … "-Optimus Prime from within the Matrix of Leadership"Optimus...."-Hot Rod in responseHot Rodimus, also referred to as Hot Rod for short, is brash and headstrong, with an overwhelming self-confidence that borders on arrogance. ===Animated series=== Rodimus Prime debuted in the opening fight between Team Chaar and his team in the Transformers Animated special "Transwarped". Rodimus Prime AUTOBOT. I don't want this responsibility. The alternate modes of Autobots are usually cars, trucks and various other ground-based civilian vehicles. Rodimus Prime is an Autobot who appears in Transformers Animated season 3. Rodimus is a fun guy to be with. They were Rodimus, Ratchet, and Perceptor. Rodimus was once a mercenary who commanded a team of fellow mercenaries known as “The Wreckers”. In the first Transformers animated movie, many people were shocked by the fact that Optimus Prime was killed in the first act. Takara Tomy Masterpiece Rodimus Prime is the definitive screen accurate bot. Kicker's dad sabotages the energon gas grid from within enabling Optimus to get into the Command Center and Rodimus and Prowl waiting around Cybertron to get to the planet. His robot form somewhat resembles his G1 self. As they were cheering, Rodimus placed his servo on Optimus's shoulder and said with a warm smile: "It's good to have you back, Optimus." Proving to be a wise head on young shoulders, Rodimus Prime saved the Autobots from Unicron and lead them until it was time to sacrifice the wisdom to bring Optimus Prime back. Optimus Prime is the heroic and brave leader of the Autobots. Amazing art! Every one followed. I watch over them, and they look up to me. "Arise, Rodimus Prime. But here he's able to fight a full powered Rodimus Unicronus one on one and ultimately lays him out long enough for the team to pin him down.

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