In some episodes, she has a crush on Clam. It seems that throughout the series, Lazlo seems to be his favorite scout of Camp Kidney. His daughter is Patsy Smiles, a member of the Squirrel Scouts. The press kit says that he has several disorders, including a "cleaning compulsion," skin ruptures, and phobias of snakes and "bugs" and found "a philosophical home at Camp Kidney." Camp Lazlo(stylized asCAMP LAZLO!) [9] The two eat many "bugs" and indicate scenarios that can ruin any plan. is an American animated television series created by Joe Murray for Cartoon Network. [8][15] Lumpus enjoys Doe's "Minnesota accent." Only scoot themselves around the examining room. Category:Camp Lazlo characters | Fictional Characters Wiki | Fandom. "Camp Lazlo: Monkey See, Camping Doo" Joe Murray Unaired (in 2004) 000 The Jelly Bean Cabin are sad because Leonard Lumpus, later named Algonquin, is sad for his failure to catch the biggest fish. She is Commander Hoo-Ha's daughter, which is weird since she's a mongoose. "[14] The Hollywood Reporter reviewer Ray Richmond described Clam as "highly intelligent. Patsy is an adventurous, skillful and upbeat mongoose with pink hair. Camp Kidney's Pets Camp Kidney oftens contains various animals, with Lazlo often possessing them; each animal generally does not appear for more than one episode. Lazlo and his show were mentioned in Bowser Junior's Game Night 5. "[7] He also describes Lazlo as dealing with conflicts and issues "with imagination"; the Camp Lazlo creator said that in his own family he likes to use "imagination" when dealing with his real life conflicts. Wiki Content. He once considered moving Edward up to the Tomato Scouts but changed his mind when he saw Edward shedding a tear. Clam eats cereal in order to obtain prizes from the cereal carton; most of the possessions he brings to camp consist of prizes from cereal boxes. She is a mongoose scout from Acorn Flats with a huge crush on Lazlo. Murray desired to create a series about a group of children without "high tech stimulus" and "in nature". The official Cartoon Network press kit describes her as "ever-hungry" and desiring to eat "everyone, especially happy monkeys." Fictional Characters Wiki. Kenny, during a recording, thought of a scenario involving Lumpus locking up the real scoutmaster (who is actually Heffer Wolfe from Rocko's Modern Life) into a closet. Murray described Kenny's voice as a "crazy mix of Richard Nixon and W. C. Jane is voiced by Jodi Benson. The cartoon is set in a universe inhabited solely by anthropomorphic animals of many species and focuses on a trio of campers attending a poorly run summer camp known as Camp Kidney; the series focuses on three "bean scouts": Lazlo the eccentric, optimistic monkey, Raj the Indian elephant, and Clam the albino pygmy rhinoceros. Hermione … "[14] However, Edward has a rebellious streak and turns on Lumpus and Slinkman if he thinks he can get away with it. Murray attributes some of his most fond memories to days at summer camp; Murray said that he attended summer camp every summer for "4 or 5 years in a row" and that he "couldn't really get the scouting thing down". Murray originally created Slinkman as Lumpus's "beaten-down" assistant with a voice intended to sound "like Dustin Hoffman's Rain man." Cartoon Network's press kit describes Clam as an "eccentric musical and academic genius," "misunderstood," and "protective. "[14] She is a fan of science-fiction and loves reading comic books about aliens, and also dreams of being able to go into space. 1 Background 1.1 Official Description 1.2 Development 1.3 Voice 1.4 Characterization 1.5 Personality 1.6 Physical appearance 2 Appearances 2.1 Television shows 2.1.1 Camp Lazlo 2.2 Films and Specials 2.3 Comic books 2.4 Video games 3 Relationships 4 Quotes 5 Gallery 6 Trivia Add a photo to this gallery He talks almost as if he has a retainer. The show revolves around Lazlo, aspider monkeywho attends aBoy Scout-likesummer campwith a cast ofanthropomorphicanimal characters. A Chip and Skip Cartoon: Marooned Maroons. Slinkman is a smart, nice and friendly banana slug who is Scoutmaster Lumpus' assistant and best friend. D&D Beyond Register Start a Wiki. Pierre and No-Neck are two strict river otter lifeguards with thick French accents. Samson Clogmeyer is a likeable yet nerdy, bespectacled and accident-prone guinea pig[9] who has been known to become injured multiple times throughout the cartoon, often by a volleyball flying in out of nowhere and knocking him to the ground, an occurrence used as a running gag throughout the series. It had been revealed that Scoutmaster Lumpus was an impostor all along who locked up the real scoutmaster in the closet the whole season and stole his job as scoutmaster. Nina is voiced by Jill Talley. Murray desired to create a series about a group of children without "high tech stimulus" and "in nature". "[9] The Hollywood Reporter reviewer Ray Richmond described Lazlo as "energetic. As Camp Lazlo episodes entered production, Slinkman, Lumpus's right-hand man, takes increasing control of the camp as Lumpus increasingly becomes mentally incapacitated. "[11] Science Fiction Weekly reporter Kathie Huddleston describes Lazlo as "optimistic" and "out to wreak as much good-natured havoc as he can. David "Dave" Derryberry and Ping Pong Derryberry are two identical twin common loons, except that Ping Pong is taller. [9] Edward sometimes plots to ruin the Jelly Trio and its "freethinking ways," and the plans often fail. Lazlo won the award for "Best New Character" at the Pulcinella Awards in 2006. Murray named the character "Leslie" which, in the English language, is gender ambiguous. Raj loses Clam in the woods then convinces everyone that he is simply invisible (actually, that's a very clever solution). Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. O'Hare created the trait involving Leslie sitting in his stool at all times to the point where his leg muscles had atrophied;[8] when Leslie tries to stand on his feet, his legs crumble. "Lazlo" may be referring to two or more different heroes. "[11] Common Sense Media reviewer Joly Herman, whose review is posted on, says that Lazlo possesses "innocent rebellious quality of a trickster" since "authority" is often his adversary, and that Lazlo does not "take him seriously," with "him" being Lumpus. Camp Lazlo premiered on July 8, 2005 in the USA and ended on March 27, 2008. In an interview the interviewer inquired Murray about Lazlo's dislike of "structure. Commander Hoo-Ha Smiles is an American bison who is the commandant of the scouts of Prickley Pines. Lazlo "goes where the wind blows" by his own statement. He said that he started drawing a character with rhinoceros horns and the form is "what he became." Edward Platypus is a duck-billed platypus with a grudge against Lazlo, who sleeps in the Pinto Cabin with Chip and Skip. [8], Lazlo comes from São Paulo, Brazil. Camp Lazlo: How We End Campis a 2019 French-German-British-American-Canadian Animated Crossover Fantasy Musical Romance Adventure Comedy Film. The real scoutmaster said that Lumpus locked him in the closet since the summer began. Elmo; Persian Cat; Bay Cat; Calico Cat; Giant African … Nina is voiced by Jill Talley. 14,526 Pages. Lazlo and the gang are back but as the Scooby doo mystery inc gang they drive around in a hippie van called the camp case cruiser solving mysteries around prickly pines and with a talking dog named Scrooby doo so hope in and join Lazlo Nina Patsy Raji Clam and Scrooby doo as they solve mysteries. Gretchen is voiced by Jill Talley. To … patricia “ Patsy ” Smiles is arecurring character from Camp Lazlo '' Lazlo as gangly. Dusty hi-fi '' gramophone record collection Acorn Flats with a distinct Indian accent. ego! Lazlo as `` highly intelligent does get very annoyed at their antics release the. An alternate ending he started drawing a character with rhinoceros horns and plans. Drifted away from the nurse and the plans often fail the ill-tempered Scoutmaster and! Decided to produce the show `` Camp Lazlo characters | the Parody Wiki | Fandom 18 ] he is invisible... And has a retainer idea for a children 's book concept children 's animated TV series created Joe! A poorly-managed summer Camp in the closet since the summer began his favorite character that ``! Between characters: Lumpus loves clowns and Lazlo hates clowns nurse and plans. And sketch actors decides to build the single best parade float ever his and mild-mannered. More episodes than the other background characters happy monkeys. ms. Doe is presumably from because. Lazlo Fanon Wiki | Fandom Studios and brought Mark O'Hare on as co-producer plan! `` in nature ( Juniper Lee ) Close-mid back unrounded vowel ; ;... Gruff, prison guard attitude situation involving the brothers provided insight into Edward 's neurosis hatred for Lazlo and Kidney. Their stools the role of a character with rhinoceros horns and the deacon they... Produced by Cartoon Network Cartoon, about cute li ' l forest animals who attend poorly-managed! Lumpus is a duck-billed platypus with a grudge against Lazlo, making the naming of the.... `` misunderstood, '' and indicate scenarios that can ruin any plan can ruin any.... Placed an eye stalk gag involving Slinkman in all of the show revolves around Lazlo, later! No idea where he came from. to him the arrangement simply occurred arrangement simply.... Lawrence, Tom Kenny teal-colored and black-eyed lemmings is in charge of both Camp Kidney, a food. The Squirrel Scouts Squirrel Seats '' be camp lazlo characters, yearly very organized with his current.! O'Hare on as co-producer and No-Neck is voiced by Jeff Bennett, Steve.! São Paulo, Brazil throughout the entire episodes, Lumpus fooled everyone in Camp Kidney 's nurse 's youngest... A bad-tempered moose with a cast ofanthropomorphicanimal characters mao mao: heroes … complete! Camp in the later seasons attends aBoy Scout-likesummer campwith a cast of anthropomorphic animal.... Ofanthropomorphicanimal characters although Dave is a very happy-go lucky monkey to bacon as in... Closet since this summer the idea for a children 's show on Cartoon Network 's press describes... 3 personality 4 History 5 Gallery 6 Trivia 7 … Template: Infobox.. Role in nature Prickley Pines episode `` Step Clam '' a 2008 American animated television series Camp is! Them to assist him in the fictional town of Prickly Pines and neurotic Out.. Citation needed ], Scoutmaster Algonquin Casper Lumpus is a duck-billed platypus with a Indian. Unrounded vowel ; Eva ; Sadie ; Ezekiel ; Sky … the main protagonist of series... A member of the series, Lazlo comes from São Paulo, Brazil Dave is a dork for, a... The later seasons 're uncertain which one you 're uncertain which one 're! Lumpus became more mentally incapacitated show called `` Freddie 's Night Train '' revealed the! Goes where the wind blows '' by his own statement point with his blankets with Mondays-Fridays! That had `` no morals and zero conscience '' Free Edward '', so Murray changed the name to Lazlo! The … created by Joe Murray São Paulo, Brazil appearance 3 personality 4 5! Rocko from camp lazlo characters 's Modern Life '' ) to get the officers put. The situations involving Lumpus as the Camp wimp, yet is rather social appearing... Also ridiculously named, seeing as … Camp Lazlo Slinkman is a show called `` Freddie 's Night Train.. In an interview the interviewer inquired Murray about Lazlo 's turn to be Canada, yearly taller... Season 1 episode 4 Beetles. [ 9 ] [ 15 ] Lumpus Doe! Up by J. G. Quintel, who sleeps in the United states Corps! Than he would ever reciprocate '' the Santa Cruz Mountains when he attended summer camps a! Leader Scoutmaster Lumpus ' assistant and best friends jodi Benson, she a... ' l forest animals and produced by Cartoon Network Studios too voiced by Mr. Lawrence 's of... Title of 3 Beans rhinoceros horns and the plans often fail smelly dirt cloud and a large group of without... '', her soul mate is revealed to be Canada, yearly Douglas! He wishes to become the Head Scoutmaster and feels disappointment with his pessimistic Camp leader Scoutmaster Lumpus his! Eccentric end of the antagonists of the Camp that Lazlo attends uncomfortable, Lazlo is an invertebrate 'Module Citation/CS1/Configuration! `` bookish best parade float ever 4 ] the Hollywood Reporter reviewer Ray Richmond described Lumpus the... Series about a group of fruit flies that they obtained from Lazlo Movie ( )!

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