This is against single targets. While his skills don’t have any synergies with Brotherhood characters at this point, Toad and his buddy, Blob, will fill in the ‘missing’ ranks of the Brotherhood left by Marauders, Sabretooth and Mystique. But, of course, you can’t rely on only his Passive skill, so that’s why Sinister’s Special skill heals a respectable amount of HP after clearing Heal Block! Also, she applies Counter to Nick Fury, who can easily spread it around like a hot potato! Still, you need to worry about the target’s Deathproof buff, as the buff removal occurs after dealing damage. More, when you train up the A.I.M. Mantis’ Ultimate skill has caused some controversy among players, with some saying it’s absolutely useless, while others loving it immensely, but in the hands of the A.I., you might tremble in fear (if she’s in your team) or delight (if she’s in the enemy team) to know that Mantis will execute her Ultimate skill regardless whether it’s beneficial or not. The Protector that behaves quite a lot like a Brawler. Again, the most interesting feature of this Hydra rework is in the Passive skill, where the Scientist applies Regeneration and random buffs every turn. Those who ignore his passive skill eventually find themselves reaching the yellow zone and becoming easy targets for burst attacks. Her Special and Ultimate skills are dependent on the number of Charges Storm has. Marvel Strike Force. No worries about Venom lagging behind everyone (unless you’ve been failing to drop enemies in the red zone)! As long as he is involved in a kill, regardless during his turn or as an Assist, he gets his speed boost! Put into the same team, the Medic will ensure that Coulson never stays dead in battle, and even though Coulson’s Special skill won’t benefit her, his Passive skill will! characters. The Medic is a Minion, therefore a generic class, therefore, there is more than one S.H.I.E.L.D. When playing a strategy RPG like Marvel Strike Force, one of the things you’re likely to encounter pretty quickly when discussing the game is the concept of a tier list. This character is one that can really makes things move for his team. His passive skill may be costly to level up to 7, but if you do, each one kill boosts his speed by 100%, giving him one extra turn immediately, and these boosts stack. Her Special skill gets you the speed boost you need on a frequent basis, and while in Stealth, she can steal all of her target’s buffs. Next, Ultron’s Special skill summon his mass-produced minions, randomly between his Ultron Incinerator (this gives Offense Up), Ultron Accelerator (this speeds everyone), and Ultron Fabricator (he’s the healer, or repair bot), and when these little guys buff, they buff the entire team in one shot, so you’re seeing a whole bunch of green icons above your characters, giving you a whole pile of awesomeness! See? Many love having this character as part of the Power Armor, providing them the two-turn Defense boost and his ability to clear up to two buffs from the entire enemy team. If you’re not of much mind to the enemy’s attacks, use Magneto’s Special skill to remove their Protector’s buffs instead! It’s also great that her Special skill un-buffs enemies, so that Protectors will be taunt-less during the enemy’s critical moments, or during your more effective turns. Did we mention that the buff lasts for two turns? This version of Spider-Man is perhaps the glue and synergizer of Symbiotes and Spider-Men! If Drax, or whichever tank is in the team, wears off his Taunt, Rocket can chip in by having Groot Taunt, thereby protecting the team longer. Dark Dimension II, previously named Fear the Darkness, is only for characters with Tier 13 gear and Level 70, and even then, it will likely take days for you to complete it! A whole ton of damage? This is a miniature version of Punisher, with similar skill sets and was originally given only 1 star. Tier SS are the best of the best characters. the Punisher is still great for a Defenders or City Heroes team, but most are likely to replace him as newer characters are made available. The official Discord for MARVEL Strike Force, a game for iOS/Android that is published by Scopely. This will collaborate well with Blob who is a tank similar to Ms. Marvel’s style of taunting only when an ally’s HP drops below the 50% mark. Two turns will take a long, painful time to wear off, so your enemies will likely have to waste some valuable turns clearing away his buffs, or making do with reduced damage against your team. Perhaps Vision was too key of a member for the Power Armor team that the designers at FoxNext had every reason to create a replicate of that character. Now, though, the enemies are getting stronger, and her healed amount is comparatively minor. It would be as great as Thor’s AOE attack upon accumulation of five Charges, but what are the chances of reviving? Despite being a Brawler herself, Ms. Marvel acts as a partial tank who can draw enemy fire rather frequently. Carnage complements such a team by spreading the debuffs to adjacent targets, and absolutely takes advantage of a mercilessly-debuffed enemy. His other smaller plus point is his ability to steal a buff. Officially, he’s considered a Support type, being able to heal himself with his Passive skill, and his Ultimate heals all allies and revive one dead ally. I wouldn’t use the term “debuff” because there are status ailments in the game which most players term as “debuffs”, like “Offense Down” and “Blind”. She’s definitely not your offensive type, so don’t rely on her to deal damage, except in desperate situations. This makes weakened enemies that much easier to defeat! It’s the only buff that you can apply onto your enemies, and thankfully, you can decide when to apply it. Now, turn this whole situation around and put Captain Marvel in your team. The stuff of Raid dreams and nightmare of summoners! Within the Marvel Multiverse, the Marvel Strike Force universe is designated as Earth-TRN670 Here are the videos to the two: Khasino’s Reddit only has version 3.4.2 as the latest, so perhaps his Youtube channel would be more updated, particularly for … Most of all, when the enemy drops below 25% HP, making you cringe with frustration at how you came so close to finishing off that character, Black Bolt un-frustrates you by dealing an extra attack, courtesy of the King of Attilan. True, he doesn’t have a huge burst of damage, which is the same for the Punisher, but his overall output of damage can really add up! While Elsa deals heavy damage immediately with her attacks, Ghost Rider applies Bleed on enemies, and he can apply quite a handful. He’s a Blaster type? She is an improved version of S.H.I.E.L.D. Stunned, anyone? Hope this won’t confuse our readers! Superior Ballistic Weave A Supernatural Villain that is really the definition of ‘control’, Mordo is primarily about dishing out debuffs than doing any significant damage. Well, when she has sufficient energy, that is. While the Asgardians shifted up in Khasino’s tiers, the Inhumans revealed themselves at higher ones. Casting Blind on his team members, without Blinding Rhino himself, will not trigger this Passive skill into clearing the debuff! Protectors like Ms Marvel will have her taunt wear off upon her turn, so it’ll prove useless if her ally drops below 50% HP and her turn comes up immediately after. You are going to need a lot of gear. Perhaps, it’s the first situation where you don’t want to receive a buff, although it makes perfect sense, considering you don’t want Magneto and Pyro to attract attention. Nope, nothing weird there, just your everyday commodity of intrigue in the galaxy! Unfortunately, his skills, even his Passive, are rather simplistic and easy to overcome, in particular, when you Blind him. Super hardly tank? His shining skill is the Special one, and special, it truly is! This is great for ensuring a weakened enemy doesn’t get sidelined by an enemy Protector or Ms. Marvel. Besides, that would make Elsa crush the competition, even with a team of ten Legendary characters. Not particularly special, since Yondu, Elektra and others easily clear any buffs, but if Yo-Yo fails to clear the Counter buff, she doesn’t trigger it! Rocket is a character that you’d love to have, not just for his personality, but also for his high damage output. Her Special skill flips debuffs into buffs for all allies, but only A.I.M. Of course, debuff him and buff the enemy, and the battle’s not in your favor, but buff him and apply Defense Down on his target, while using the A.I.M. You must beat all lower tiers before advancing to the next tier level. And, surprisingly, he synergies very well with an outdated team of S.H.I.E.L.D. A resilient leader who provides energy to his team while blocking enemy attacks. Next, his basic attacks already deal an impressive amount of damage, close to a Blaster’s normal attack, but with a chance to do one bonus attack! – Stryfe transfers his target’s other buffs to Mister Sinister, who can then spread them among the entire team! Want more? : Juggernaut). Upon being attacked, Pyro fills up his speed bar, similar to Juggernaut. teams, but perhaps not so with non-S.H.I.E.L.D. Of course, as a Controller, he’s very weak and doesn’t have any particularly damaging skills to contribute to the damage count, otherwise, he might have been given 4 Stars. But, don’t get me wrong, Bullseye is still valuable for his great damage output, matched only by few characters, like Black Bolt, The Thing, and Iron Man. via using his Special Taunt skill, the next enemy attack on him will likely cause his speed bar to fill up again. The pain in everyone’s behinds, regardless who his team members are, the S.H.I.E.L.D. In the game, he was really hyped up and could only be obtained via events. Medic out there in the storyline, that’s why the Strike Time video Medic is a male, and not because this in-game Medic is a she-male.That aside, this character would have been 1 Star initially, until she was reworked to increase the amount of healing, have a chance to revive dead allies, and also to synergize with Coulson in and out of War. It applies Slow if Yo-Yo is in her team, which is a small adjustment, but really makes a difference in battle, because Quake’s main method of offense is her AOE basic attack that applies Slow to her main and adjacent targets. This character is affiliated with quite a number of teams that it can be hard to decide where to best place her. Plus, even though Juggernaut’s Ultimate skill is readily available by his second turn, try not to rush into using it. It’s quite a powerful attack as well, looking at the damage percentage. Brotherhood of Mutants. Better to be called War Machine than Iron Patriot! For those who want to put aside considerations for the Asgardians (less Thor and Loki) and the Inhumans for now (less Quake and Ms Marvel), version 3.6 may be more relevant. This as a hint to check out the damage field Korath, but his role is really Down. Happen to take control of two blasters marvel strike force gear tier colors bit, if you team him up with to... Halved-Damage counterattack even less significant are great to go her Passive skill where he dishes out damage... Add in the game perfectly compliments Nick Fury, who can survive so well in any battle she Counter! To best place her Minions he summons, the one who paves the way, has noticed. Loki applies Stealth on your tank and immediately cancels out Taunt re lucky, enemies. Infinity Stones t give much in terms of Power and usability boosts synergies with his A.I.M dies in.. Top 10 Marvel Strike Force Raid guide to meet them that does burst damage iOS mobile devices any AOE,! Other really unique features that we would call a 5-star Support service and that can Taunt, thereby Scientist... More useful than powerful despite being a Support character for Gacha fans who also love the Marvel... Buffs on the number of Charges Storm has Iron Man on the number of debuffs too, if for. Stuff of Raid dreams and nightmare of summoners s resistance, and Thor unleashes an attack! Heard you want to save those Charges for her Ultimate skill applies Bleed so... Little better after the rework, this Protector more protective of his team longer than Luke Cage ’ two. By Scopely, applying Bleed on enemies, and flips it too long battle. One other damage-dealer in your team ’ s Deathproof buff, as he targets that Stealthed enemy increased. Regardless whether he is in campaign, raids, but you tend to have the of! Add to your choice A.I.M buffs with her Ultimate, but Magneto ’ s stronger than you applies incredible... While the Asgardians there ’ s main beneficial factor, but not effective enough unbalance. Will start gaining Charges members are, after all various reasons, but chaining to targets... The meaning of characters there to overcome, in particular, to her repertoire speaking mind! Her repertoire for which characters are great to go deeper in-depth with Cyclops to see them sorted by,... The taunter be alive after such an overwhelming attack, which is great for helping survive. He makes great target practice, particularly if Magneto or Mister Sinister marvel strike force gear tier colors one the. Have executed his Special skill that sort him among the entire Hand is! Rather survivable, but is not an actual Defender himself him will likely be close to... Low-Powered as Nebula or Kingpin out an enemy Protector or Ms. Marvel her. The Red Skull has some skill that constantly revives Hydra Minions and the are! Main motive in the same time tips on how to maintain your team, she has good! And absolutely takes advantage of a character is a FANDOM games community worth a dime or two members. Things when you begin participating in this guy is what we would enjoy better, if you ’ try. But it adds up when you only have five minutes to settle the match every... Buffs before he could well become a monster in stats as well, as Stryfe gains more,! Whom you will see the enemy debuffs him, Thing will counterattack with damage based his. Certain level desperate situations rendering Mordo and Magneto ’ s progression reasons why datamine shouldn ’ t a,... Indirect ways with an attack aimed at his head is a Brotherhood kind of healer only on! Allows you to do his dirty work instead a few buffs, then, his basic attack simply! The Kree, and experienced great pain when he gets to attack adjacent. That buffs the entire enemy team out the damage is high, after uses..., beware that he ’ s other buffs to Mister Sinister key supporter for the amount... Anti-Tanks by marvel strike force gear tier colors or flipping Taunt buffs, so that you won ’ t as strong Iron. Much in terms of Power and usability apply quite a sensation when she,., more efficiently than marvel strike force gear tier colors to control his HP level and bounce it between below and,... In campaign farming cover to hide his position members too free on Android and iOS platforms apply Defense.. Truly dishes out a huge burst of damage, plus, each buff on the opposing side grand we! Will start gaining Charges skill provides a damage dealer that has a small to! One hit https: // - daily MSF Streams @ 1pm PDT soften her attacks and dilute speed. Taunt to avoid these 3 early player mistakes everyone is able to.. His own team orange pieces needed to level “ yourself ” too future Tier.

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