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The individuals who provide the continued inspiration for the Urban Street Angels movement – the young people who live on our streets – are the only reason the organization even exists. Our extensive time spent working with them during outreach events has taught us to refrain from judgment and broad assumptions regarding how a person becomes homeless and often remains in that circumstance.

We have found their stories compelling, inspirational, and instructive on the complexities of life. It is for these Angels that we tirelessly work as the force driving Urban Street Angels forward.


What is it that resonates in an individual’s heart and compels that person to selflessly serve in the name of a cause greater than his or her own? We know that systems of motivation, incentive, and reward vary from person to person, so only the individual can truly know the answer to this question. Whatever the motivation, Urban Street Angels is deeply appreciative and grateful for the outpouring of support and love we receive each month from our community of volunteers.  They make the profound impact of Urban Street Angels possible, and their collective efforts are helping save lives in San Diego’s homeless community.  Our mission is loud and clear, and we welcome all who want to join us in expanding the positive impact of our movement.

Do you have it in you to make a difference in the lives of those in need?

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Our family of supporters is amazing, selfless, and relentless in their drive to help others in need. Over and over, countless individuals and businesses continue saying “Yes!” to making a difference in our community and, in doing so, are actively helping us save lives here in San Diego. Along with our volunteers, our generous supporters are the vital heartbeat that sustains the Urban Street Angels’ body.

Please consider joining Urban Street Angels as a supporter by clicking DONATE NOW, and make a difference by helping us save the life of a young homeless person today.


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