10 Best Wine Tastings in Solvang and the Santa Ynez Valley With a Santa Ynez Wineries Map! Check them out here: Take in the amazing food scene in Napa. So how should you map out your trip? California's Pacific Coast Highway offers a taste of honeymoon-worthy destinations in every variety in one epic two-week road trip. Hi I'm getting married September 28, 2013 and my fiance and I are playing around with the idea of going to San Diego for our honeymoon. You can easily drive over the United States/Mexico border here — just to get tacos and return. My husband is from California and I’m also from the West Coast. var $ = ml_jQuery || jQuery; Pro-tip: Napa and Sonoma specialize in Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, and Zinfandel. RESPONSE REQUIRED: Confirm your email to get exclusive content from World Wide Honeymoon! Hello everyone, Myself and my future husband to be are planning on honeymooning in California/Las Vegas in November 2014.. We are flying in and out of San Francisco and will be in the US from the 3rd November to December 6th 2014, so we have about 5 weeks away.. Read reviews and book Hotel Spero on TripAdvisor | Booking.com | Agoda, Read reviews and book Stanford Court San Francisco on TripAdvisor | Booking.com | Agoda. Again, this depends on traffic. We really want to know: 1. We’ve used this insurance for everywhere including South Africa, Peru, Thailand, and more! Sample California Honeymoon Itinerary. Perhaps the most iconic and scenic drive in the U.S., the Pacific Coast Highway spans just over 655 miles from Dana Point to Leggett. We are a UK couple in our mid 20's traveling during the last week of May/first week of June 2017. And if you have points to spare for hotel stays, this is the place to use them to save money! Amazing thread! We have around 3 weeks altogether. Finish your honeymoon absorbing the beauty of the lake — and soak it all up. Of all of the California honeymoon ideas, Palm Springs is easily the most romantic. Perfect California Road Trip Itinerary for 10 Days. You can also fly this, but if you’re not in a rush, we suggest driving. Though it is never too bad compared to cities on the East Coast, January is considered the most difficult in Cali. Where to Stay in LA: Okay, this is a huge city with tons of places to stay. Head to California for an epic luxury holiday, honeymoon or family adventure. If you are new to travel hacking or don’t have the points, you can find pretty affordable domestic flights using Southwest, Delta, United, or more for under $400 per person or less! I hope this helps and have so much fun! I can think of few other places to enjoy a perfect romantic getaway than road tripping around California’s beautiful landscapes. You can also spend much less if you use miles and points strategically, as well as travel for fewer days. Hello and welcome! I so enjoyed reading this. Get access to travel deals when you book your honeymoon through WeddingWire. Answer 1 of 12: Hello everyone, Myself and my future husband to be are planning on honeymooning in California/Las Vegas in November 2014. It explains things in layman terms, meaning you’ll feel like a wine expert even if you’re not. The food is good in Santa Barbara but if you’re looking for amazing, Michelin Star restaurants and upscale dining, Napa is the way to go. Another option is to return your rental car in LA and take the train down as well. Learn more about our story here! We are from Utah and want to... Lake Tahoe might be one of the best California honeymoon ideas. Your email address will not be published. }. We highly suggest making time for the historic city of Sonoma, right in the heart of their vineyards. These grapes grow best in this environment, so if you’re there, certainly try the right wines! And congrats- it’s such an exciting time! Pro-tip: The easiest way to get around California is by doing a road trip. Read reviews and book Springhill Suites San Diego Downtown/Bayfront on TripAdvisor | Booking.com | Agoda. In total we have about 18 … Which one would you choose? It is much cheaper than next to the beaches of Santa Barbara that are only 20-30 minutes away. No matter where you decide to venture or what month you pick for your nuptials, you can expect the weather to be warm. Of all of the states, a honeymoon in California offers the deepest immersion into wine-making. Sea lions, tacos, and gardens- oh my! So we have the perfect California road trip ideas below! Also, as a heads up, June can be a bit chillier with less sunlight thanks to the June Gloom in Southern California. We’re Kat and Chris, newlyweds navigating the world of couples travel while exploring adventurously throughout the globe as often as we can, because why does the honeymoon have to end? Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley is much more personal and local. Posted by Kat | Sep 12, 2019 | Cities, Destinations, USA | 6. We have a few problems though and I'd like to see if anyone has... Those in San Diego, please tell me the best places to check out and experience? California Coast Road Trip. I'd appreciate any constructive feedback on what I've put together. But the next stop on your schedule is Palm Springs. Beware of rush-hour traffic, though, particularly around LA. Many offer special honeymoon packages that include extras like Champagne and roses or couples’ spa treatments. Must See: In addition to renting a boat in the summer or a cabin in the winter — don’t miss out on Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park for some beautiful hiking paths. You and your new spouse can spend a day or two walking around the heart of the city — dining in Little Italy, dancing in the Gaslamp district — before heading off for a few-night stay at the many beaches. I LOVE California, but my husband has never been. If you’d like to visit during the wine harvesting months in Napa and Santa Barbara, September and October are fantastic times to visit. For the art-lovin’ couple, look for galleries and studios to pique your interest. Here is a quick packing guide for California. Your email address will not be published. Rent a car and drive across the state before dropping it off at the airport on the way home. Check out our favorite tours for San Francisco: When a lot of people think of visiting California, many want to see Napa Valley or Sonoma. After some adventuring in the desert (and plenty of R&R), hop in your car and make the journey to San Francisco. Then, you can spend a few days in each before figuring out what’s next on your getaway. A 3-Day Honeymoon Itinerary in Milan, Italy How to Plan the Perfect California Road Trip—and Where to Stay The 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Hotels in Northern California As much as we’d all like to spend as much time exploring the US’s third-largest state, for most of us with limited time off of work, 10 days is all you may have. Remember that layers are key when it comes to hiking, and temperatures in places like Santa Ynez can go from really warm to pretty chilly when the sun goes down. Technically, you can purchase travel insurance if you travel over 100 miles from home. California is great to visit year-round, but for the best weather, especially for the parks, April through October is a great time to go. As a luxury destination in the Sonoran Desert of southern California, you and your partner will feel like royalty when you celebrate the start of your marriage here. The following day, head south toward Santa Barbara County to explore more wine country! Myself and my new wife are planning our honeymoon to the west coast in August/September starting and ending in L.A with road trips in between. All within easy driving distances, many vistas offer sweeping views of the area. If you’re looking for a more upscale place, then opt for The Landsby. Here are some fantastic Michelin Starred restaurants to try: Take a hike! For a way to breeze by many wineries, eat a great meal and experience the beauty of the area, book two first-class tickets on the Napa Valley Wine Train. Of course, there is so much more to do here, but this town is quintessentially Southern California, with a relaxed attitude and the finer things aplenty. No matter what your idea of the perfect […] However, there are some great spots in the city you’ll want to see during your west coast road trip. For those newlyweds-to-be who are considering a honeymoon in California, there are plenty of uber-romantic spots to choose from. So whether you are looking to city-hop from San Francisco to San Diego or you’d like to relax at Lake Tahoe or sip world-class wines in Napa, California is a destination that will leave you feeling refreshed. FAQ: California Itineraries and Trip Reports; Driving from SF to LA or vice Versa -- Please read this; FAQ: How to drive the Coastal Highway in Southern California; FAQ: What is a good route to travel to Yosemite (or to San Francisco) from Las Vegas? For those earth-loving newlyweds, Lake Tahoe might be one of the best California honeymoon ideas since it offers a sweet, rustic escape. When it comes to a California road trip, you’ll want to fly into San Francisco and work your way down the state (or vice versa). Check out my all-time favorite book for learning about wine, wine regions, and more here! The winter months can certainly be chillier in places like San Diego and Santa Barbara and even be snowy at Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, so avoiding November through March is a good idea, unless you want to ski at Lake Tahoe! We spent a couple of days exploring the Santa Ynez Valley and absolutely loved it (and loved the much cheaper prices for wine tastings). I would say that $1,000-1,500 is appropriate for two people over 10 days, including some local transportation and tours. Answer 1 of 6: Hello! Read the full disclosure policy here. Consider a San Diego honeymoon a way to have a ‘surfer’s beach’ without having to head to Nicaragua or Costa Rica. To connect with the great outdoors, tour through the valley by bike, horse or your own two feet. Answer 1 of 2: Hi All, We are planning to go to California for our honeymoon in September 2012. Must See: A sunset from your hotel, overlooking the desert land behind you. I would appreciate any input in relation to the following itinerary and any advice that would assist. Answered: Hiya I’ve revised our itinerary for our 2 week honeymoon this September 2019 and just wanted to ask for any changes or thoughts? We have around 3 weeks altogether. Sunny San Diego is a fantastic place to end your California coast road trip. Answer 1 of 16: Hi all! If you are into adventure, hiking, wine tasting, and great food, California truly has it all and stunning scenery to top it off. Skip LA altogether and go to the happiest place on earth: Wander Balboa Park including the Desert Garden, Alcazar Garden, or the Japanese Friendship Garden, Visit Coronado Beach and the famous Hotel del Coronado, Get close (not too close) to sea lions and seals at La Jolla Cove and enjoy the bluffs and beaches in the area. You can experience near-daily rain, even if it only lasts ten minutes. Answer 1 of 7: Hi there, This is a very tentative plan for our honeymoon (first two weeks of September 2014 - we like to plan ahead!). Shop our favorite products for California travel here: It depends. Answer 1 of 7: Thanks to everyone who has provided advice in my previous posts while I plan our Honeymoon trip to Wine Country in mid-May. -:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -:-This post has been removed at the author's request. You’re also only about a 15-minute drive to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yay thank you! In my spare time, I enjoy running, listening to podcasts, and taking too many photos of our cat, Professor. But for a first-timer, who wants to be trendy, definitely stay in West Hollywood. So, in total, you can expect to spend around $7,250-8,550 or more depending on your travel style for a California road trip itinerary for 10 days. Pro-tip: Santa Barbara and the surrounding area produce amazing Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, and Petite Syrah. With mountains, beaches, vineyards, and amazing weather, it is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or the ultimate 10 day road trip destination. Answer 1 of 8: Hi, my partner and I are planning a California road trip for our honeymoon in September (17 nights from 11th-28th), and I was hoping to get a bit of advice from you lovely people on the planned itinerary! Answer 11 of 12: Hello everyone, Myself and my future husband to be are planning on honeymooning in California/Las Vegas in November 2014. There's so much to see and do during your California honeymoon. 10 Day California Coast Road Trip Itinerary Some links in this post are affiliate links—at no extra cost to you, I earn a small commission if you purchase products through these links. Answer 1 of 9: Hi, I'm trying to plan our April honeymoon and would appreciate your help with the itinerary. And in the winter, buckle up your boots and hit the slopes, for some of the best skiing in the region. California is one of the prettiest states to visit. When you’ve had your fill of wine, it’s time to keep heading north toward Lake Tahoe. To connect with the great outdoors, tour through the valley by bike, horse or your own two feet. Check these out: There are so many reasons why a California road trip should be on your short-list of destinations. 5 am in the morning) to make the most of your day in Yosemite. In the summer, enjoy outdoor activities — from hiking to jet skiing and beyond. $('.ml-subscribe-form-1416052 .row-success').show(); But if you want to spend your time eating street tacos, you’re looking more at $7 per person. When it comes to honeymoon resorts in California you’ll have your pick of everything from beachfront properties with jaw-dropping Pacific Ocean views to fabulous wine country retreats and desert oasis settings. If you are planning a California road trip itinerary for 10 days, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Avoid driving between 5 am-10 am and 3 pm-7 pm around major cities. Learn how your comment data is processed. Must See: A sunset from your hotel, overlooking the desert land behind you. Must See: If you want to work up a bit of a sweat on your California honeymoon (and no, not just like that!) So start in San Francisco, enjoying the views, trolleys and more! And while some hotels include parking, many do charge $35-40 per day. World Wide Honeymoon is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. As much as we’d all like to spend as much time exploring the US’s third-largest state, for most of us with limited time off of work, 10 days is all you may have.Luckily, it is enough time to relax and get adventurous on your visit to California. One Week Itinerary. Plan to leave early (i.e. It is in the heart of the action, with many wine and olive tasting rooms, great restaurants, and shops. FAQ: Where are the Coastal Redwoods in California (added Oct 2013) Most couples will start in San Francisco (since it’s only a few hours away) and drive up to the Napa and Sonoma Valley area. It’s about a 20-minute drive from Yosemite Valley. From beach towns and mountainous views to cityscapes and the wine country, this Golden State honeymoon is a journey you won't forget. Though, sure, for a traditional trip, you gotta hit up Los Angeles and San Francisco — these California honeymoon ideas will have both of you in awe of the land (and one another!). Grafton on Sunset and Le Parc Suite Hotel are solid choices that won’t cost a fortune during your stay. This may be your biggest expense in California. You can also take smaller, group tours to wineries or bike tours. - World Wide Honeymoon, Top 10 Places to Travel to This Fall Around the World - World Wide Honeymoon, One Day in San Diego Itinerary | Best Things to Do in San Diego - World Wide Honeymoon, 8 Tips to Help You Choose Your Next Travel Destination - World Wide Honeymoon, Ultimate Dubai Honeymoon Guide - World Wide Honeymoon, Perfect 5-Day Kerala, India Itinerary | Honeymoon in Kerala Itinerary - World Wide Honeymoon, The 35 Best Virtual Tours Online So You Can Travel From Home - World Wide Honeymoon, Stare in wonder at the Golden Gate Bridge, Admire the Painted Ladies and remind yourself of Full House, This is obvious- but drink the wine! Bookmarking this page for sure!! We are currently planning our honeymoon and atm only flights are booked! We've got most of our honeymoon planned (18 days in Cali/Nevada, road trip, part itinerary to follow). Step 2: Open the email and click on the confirmation button. My Fiance and I are young and paying for our wedding ourselves so we want to do a honeymoon as cheap as possible as we will obviously be paying for that ourselves as well. It’s the iconic. It’s most beloved for its mid-century modern architecture — which will have design-obsessed couples snapping away photos. After a few days, hit the road and drive toward Los Angeles. We suggest a nice bottle of local white wine as your pairing. If you want Michelin Star restaurants in Napa, expect to fork over at least $325 per person. In Sonoma and Napa Valley, you and your perfect person can finally find that perfect bottle of wine for your tastebuds. Where to stay: Base yourself in the heart of San Francisco, close to museums and great restaurants at Hotel Spero or Stanford Court San Francisco. Where to Stay in San Diego: We stayed at the Springhill Suites San Diego Downtown/Bayfront and loved it. Think again. I always love to check TripAdvisor, Booking.com, or Agoda for deals and reviews. Answer 1 of 9: I'm off on honeymoon to california and nevada in August, I have worked out a rough itinerary for it but was wondering if the very knowledgeable people on here would be kind enough to have a look at it for me? Answer 11 of 26: Hello, we have finally decided on a itinerary for our Honeymoon. With year-round sunshine, beautiful vistas and exciting seaside towns, a California honeymoon will have you and your number one starry-eyed. The Best California Honeymoon Destinations. Get a quote here. Answer 1 of 9: Hi, I'm trying to plan our April honeymoon and would appreciate your help with the itinerary. Before we can start sending you tips, we need to confirm your email address so that we know that you are not a robot. There’s a reason this Western United States destination is coined the Golden State. Brides Honeymoon Awards 2019: The Most Romantic Spots To Travel The 10 Best Mainland U.S. Honeymoon Resorts of 2021 The 9 Best Adults-Only Honeymoon Resorts of 2021 That sounds amazing- I’m sure he’ll love it too! Must See: All aboard… the wine train! Here's everything you need to know for your trip of a lifetime. The “City of Angels” is a must-see for many first-timers on a visit to California. Read reviews and book Royal Copenhagen Inn on TripAdvisor | Booking.com | Agoda, Read reviews and book The Landsby on TripAdvisor | Booking.com | Agoda. During your California trip, take in the stunning Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, or Glacier Point. Let us know in the comments! This literally all depends on where you choose to eat. Make sure you splurge on a stylish hotel and book at least a day or two at the spa, since most of the time, all treatments are held outside. Whether the mountains, beaches, or vineyards call your name, enjoy all that California has to offer. If you’re a wine fan, make sure you cater your California honeymoon to when the vines are ripe and Instagram-worthy, from August to October. If this is an international trip for you, then definitely purchase travel insurance. I'm a travel hacking addict who is passionate about helping other couples experience the world through travel and getting there for less (and maybe in a little luxury). So, for your car, expect to pay around $1,250 or more. It may come as a surprise to you (at least it did for us) to know that California has so many great wine regions! Some posts on this site contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you!). California is known for its amazing state and national parks, with Yosemite at the top of the list. However, if you want to be at your most comfortable, consider a spring or a fall California honeymoon and avoid the heat of the summer, where temperatures can reach double-digits. Luckily, it is enough time to relax and get adventurous on your visit to California. Think that Napa and Sonoma have it all when it comes to wine? Once you fly to California, we suggest renting a car for the rest of the journey. If you are lucky enough to have more than 10 days to enjoy California, here are some top spots to spend your time: If you have less time, I would focus my time either in the northern parts (San Francisco, Napa, and Yosemite) or the southern parts (Santa Ynez/Santa Barbara, LA, and San Diego). Total Drive Time: 2.5-3 hours or more if you get stuck in traffic. For 10 days, I’d expect to pay around $2,700-$3,000 for hotel rooms. What’s remarkable about this region of the country is its diverse landscape — offering beaches with dramatic cliffs, forrest blooming with redwood trees, vineyards with irresistible wine, cities with celebrities and so much more. So we've been debating our honeymoon plans for a while and I've had lots of advice on these forums this week which has made us settle on a Californian west coast trip, to also include Yosemite and Palm Springs. The best thing to do on your way to Napa from San Francisco, though, is stopping by Muir Woods National Monument and admiring the awe-inspiring coastal redwood trees. If you want to make a pit stop to see the Hollywood sign and stay a night, go for it. Where to Stay in Yosemite: For great views and a cabin feel, check out Yosemite West High Sierra Bed and Breakfast. Here, you can choose from a handful of high-end hotels or rent an Airbnb with direct shore access. The reason for staying in Solvang was to do the Cloud Climbers jeep wine tour which looked great, but ive just realised they do a similar trip in the Paso Robles area.. Total Drive Time: Around 4.5 hours to accommodation. Drive along dramatic coastlines on the world-famous Highway One, relax on palm-lined beaches, and take in the Hollywood scene in Los Angeles and the bohemian vibe of San Francisco. It is a rare thing to find a hotel under $200 let alone under $100. This is fabulous!! Hike the Mojave desert, sleep underneath a yucca tree, and visit the lowest place on the … You can self-drive (if you’ve got a designated driver), but I highly recommend hiring a. function ml_webform_success_1416052() { Total Drive Time: Around 2 hours with a stop to Muir Woods. I’ve read Santa Barbara is more local and personal which I think we’d prefer, but we are big foodies and don’t mind splashing a bit for this! Read reviews and book Yosemite West High Sierra Bed and Breakfast on TripAdvisor | Booking.com | Agoda. Around $1,500-2,000 is appropriate for wine tastings and food throughout your trip. Answer 1 of 15: Hi all, So we've been debating our honeymoon plans for a while and I've had lots of advice on these forums this week which has made us settle on a Californian west coast trip, to also include Yosemite and Palm Springs. Aww thank you! Take a night out at Stearns Wharf, and spend the days at local vineyards. Where to stay: Plan on staying in Solvang. Would you do a California road trip itinerary for 10 days? Seriously, your best bet to get to LA is to arrive after 10 am and definitely before 2 pm to avoid traffic at all costs. It makes it easier to get around, and you can always leave it in the parking garage of your hotel. If California is all about enjoying the beach, then Santa Barbara just might be your ideal honeymoon destination. For a smaller car, expect to pay around $750 for the 10 days plus gas at $3.60-$3.70 per gallon, or around $150 for gas while driving. On the Pacific Coast of the state, this California honeymoon destination is known for its diverse culture, interesting culinary offerings and it’s variety. Here is a budget that is broken down for you based on big-ticket items: We booked flights to California from Cleveland for as little as $11.20 round-trip per person thanks to miles and points. Here, you can walk around galleries, eat at nationally-renowned restaurants and if you go in the summer, browse through their farmer’s market. MD, thanks again. This itinerary really makes me want to pack up and head West! We are so excited about planning our west coast honeymoon, from San Francisco to LA, but we are a bit overwhelmed by all the different amazing options along the coast. Last — and definitely not least — pack your passport! Though you’ll want to avoid Coachella dates, most of the time, this area is romantic and serene. It’s super easy to do, just follow these steps: Step 1: Go to your inbox and look for an email from us with the title “RESPONSE REQUIRED: Confirm your email to get exclusive content from World Wide Honeymoon!”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Read reviews and book Grafton on Sunset on TripAdvisor | Booking.com | Agoda, Read reviews and book Le Parc Suite Hotel on TripAdvisor | Booking.com | Agoda.