Chemo and teeth problems ← Previous 1 2 3 Next → Jeannie H. Jeannie H. Hi, I'm Jeannie H. Jeannie H. I finished my chemo for NH lymphoma about a year ago. I just go for my every 6 months cleaning and check-up so so far.... NO ISSUES...lucky to say! My chemo was only delayed a week, but I did not have the problems with my WBC like you do. With a weakened immune system, even the great bacteria in the mouth can cause infection. They have never grown back since losing my hair the first time. Hope you have a good day soon......then unfortunately it is time for another chemo! * Change in taste. Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that uses powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing cells in your body.Chemotherapy is most often used to treat cancer, since cancer cells grow and multiply much more quickly than most cells in the body.Many different chemotherapy drugs are available. Ask your dentist to show you the best ways to brush and floss your teeth during chemotherapy. I will be keep you in my prayers asI do all the ladies on this site. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy damage healthy cells as well, which can leave your teeth vulnerable to infection. And while those drugs kill cancer cells, they also can harm normal cells. Not about to get that stuff taken out. I can speak from experience. Thank you. I used to cry every time a tooth broke, now it's old hat. You don't have to do anything except put them on and tie the tie however you want. ,,,uses a lot of alternative and complimentary therapies and he snorted with derision when I asked him this root canal question, about them poisoning us. Your mouth has to stay moist to help eliminate the cavity causing germs. g�~��~��T�Ma췮r1/\vG����/�-��a�ϧ∳�;����L+�5�G�$YF!�͒ʍ���3�œ�OI��ra��Dk�ň���g�l̖��=��aTVW@�ۨ_\�%��L���b��0>w�g�� ����8��a��r��u:�i�1H��O�'`k���1������ud&��_�j��,�ʡ޺9�������v�l}����W%���������e��`��z��;��-���@V These changes may lead to mouth sores, infections, and tooth decay. Today 2.5 years post treatments I've had a long-time filling (20 yrs old) needed to be redone, but nothing else outside of routine checkup....yeah! Any one else have teeth problems? endstream endobj 716 0 obj <>stream Years ago I had chemotherapy and found that your hair is not all you loss. So I can't help wondering if it's mere lore that root canals can "poison" the body, leading to much inflammation. I have also had molars pulled. It makes sense that weakened teeth are more likely to chip than strong teeth. Listen to the Cancer.Net Podcast: Dental Health During Cancer Treatment, adapted from this content.Many cancer treatments have side effects that affect a person's mouth, teeth, and salivary glands. Teeth are breaking from previous chemotherapy. Very interesting. So while I was there, I did ask him if chemo has any effect on the teeth and 2) what about long-term effects of radiation. I try not to eat food that requires too much chewing. It's me and the computer and TV. Can you have dental work done while on chemo? That is left in place for a few months to be sure your body will tolerate it and to allow it to fuse with the bone. So sorry to hear that you're having such a tough time. Thanks so much. Chemotherapy and teeth discoloration. * You are more likely to get an infection, which can be dangerous when you are receiving cancer treatment. Most of the oral complications caused by chemotherapy are short term and typically resolve after treatment ends. Failure of the dental lamina or tooth bud formation causes abnormal development. or advice? Hope the same for you. They just took it out and I really felt better once it was removed. Delayed Growth. Salivary glands make saliva. Percent wouldn't even take the pain away. Very emotional.. Imackie48, I stuck with every 6 month dental checkup the whole time in treatments and nothing new was found. Much more energy nearly within a day. Always have. I had already cut my hair short and so did my family before starting chemo, so we could donate the hair. I've really bonded with my board friends. Saw dentist two months before start of sandwich treatment but not since. These drugs kill cancer cells, but they may also harm normal cells, including cells in the mouth. what a ripoff.. that is after you've paid $600 in premiums. I tried wearing hats and scarves but here in Texas but it was already hitting 100 in May. I also wonder if another contributing factor for me is lack of estrogen and its effect on bone density. I did have an abdominal abscess though while on chemo. If you are having head and neck radiation though, it can cause variations in the saliva or salivary glands and cause the dry mouth, etc., which can cause decay. Hydration is vitally important for your body to take in the toxicity while flushing it. In the end, we must be our own advocates as can't rely and trust what many docs tell us. With the root canals what I've found, they can leave some of the root without knowing it, which possibly cause infection and other issues. They think it was an infected lymph node 6 months after my hysterectomy. You may have these problems only during treatment or for a short time after treatment ends. About 9 months after chemo, I had a root canal absess. It's been about a year and know I should go in for cleaning and checkup. Post #1; Sun Feb 1, 2015; STEPHEN R. Many advocate having all root canals removed (teeth pulled) but it's hard to know whether they are merely fanatics or on to something. Another area to watch, materials they use in the mercury and BPA (plastic). Chemotherapy causes other side effects in children, depending on the child’s age. Very useful information. The dentist will check your child’s jaws for any growth problems. Chemotherapy can make you more likely to get cavities, so your dentist may suggest using a fluoride rinse or gel each day to help prevent decay. Thanks for the info. Apparently the stems they use to drill in our bones are "titanium" which has been found to leak into our internal system and causing other health issues. Brush your teeth and gums after every meal. trish. My best to you, Rosey, and I hope your dental problems are simple fixes. Another person may have different problems. (What in the heck is an implant made out of? So today I'm missing a tooth on one side, but luckily in back where can't be seen. This can upset the healthy balance of bacteria. I had a bridge done some 15 years ago and the one tooth in front that they filed down got bad and had it removed as well. Keep warm, wrap in a blanket and wear a wool hat. I've had 3 extracted and need another 5 or 6 removed. Hang in there, Copyright 2000-2019 © Cancer Survivors Network. Dental and oral side effects can make it difficult to eat, talk, chew, or swallow. If the surface of the tooth enamel gets damaged, its appearance gets distorted and it makes the individual more vulnerable to other oral health issues. After I read your post, one of my front teeth chipped and I just had to have it fixed. 730 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[710 31]/Info 709 0 R/Length 98/Prev 332760/Root 711 0 R/Size 741/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Like you, I too have always had bad teeth: lots of cavities, three root canals--and right before chemo, FOUR extractions (two wisdom teeth, which need no replacement, but two upper molars, which probably do.). I had a hole in my mouth from an extraction for 18 months since I could not have it worked on during treatment. 6v�f�x�J��'X���f������Ň��WR {e�h �X�8_?�����붜�YtE>�U�)��o�`B�6���#T�6�|ܧI���B�7�?a)a�p��n���A�\�ʇ�����̳��ɟ�kim[Ց��0�#l� When hit with diagnosis, continuing dental work was put on the back burner. Got a lot of looks, but mainly from kids. (I do know some adults even their fifties and sixties who have never had one!). Chipped and breaking teeth are uncomfortable, unsettling and unsightly. they don't pay claims the first year. Then he said something I will not repeat here about fanatics. Hypodontia is the absence of one or more teeth. Ro - I got really good at false eyelashes. It's important to know that side effects in the mouth can be serious. I have my supply of hats to wear. They're very versatile, lots of different looks and so easy to wear. 740 0 obj <>stream Use a soft toothbrush and a gentle touch. Checking the mouth often helps early detection, while keeping the mouth moist and avoiding certain foods can help relieve symptoms. Did you finally have it repaired or pulled. Bn �W�εX 8�� ��9� _z�H)s�H����k:�1�� {�1��*MF��{��aDO��__ L��9 "��� b!�x"� �$ �$����K�y@�3HT�3012���g`$�����@� %_< My teeth are now yellowish and more sensitive than before. I suppose the one titanium screw in my mouth is nothing compared to what is in my leg! is there any help? Oral complications caused by chemotherapy include ... fractured teeth, loose crowns or fillings, or gum disease. Tooth infection during chemotherapy. What Mouth Problems Does Chemotherapy Cause? ]�onx���M$dH���=�h�3+�[�zT�k��Tb����O��H+X���Fδ�?����I,9��`&K�EI�%3� W, K�>�@������� I kept saying my face hurt and I felt a lump on the roof of my mouth. Dehydration. The Effects of Chemotherapy on Teeth Tooth Decay. I just can't get a break. ���U���'��*�ISࢋ�����=�Dt��bM{� As you probably know, there's lots of speculation in alternative medicine on the potentially harmful impact they have on us systemically, causing inflammation and slow release of toxins in our bodies. C hemo and tooth pain? Hope you are having a good day today. Tooth decay occurs when plaque -- acids created by a sticky film of bacteria -- attack your tooth enamel. and it should be considered medical but isn't. When I asked my dentist about the fillings and what's in them, he tells me about the dental association and how all the ingredients are okay for real findings with health issues. Had no clue they were out there. Chemo really has no bearing on damage to teeth. Check things out as soon as it occurs. So I too have gone nearly a year with two missing upper molars Yet have curiously had no problem chewing. I eventually lathered and shaved all my head to remove all the hair. Will the zoom treatment help, I am concerned that any whitening treatment will make my teeth more sensitive. I was not on chemo at the time though. Fortunately, with good care, you and your doctor can lower the risk ....because I have titanium hardware in a leg that I broke 15 years ago! C an you get a tooth pulled while on chemo? Now I can't eat again, just when I was eating, now this. They are wonderful and oh so expensive (tune of $2200, plus crown at $800). endstream endobj 715 0 obj <>stream It would be interesting to know how many of us who were diagnosed with uterine cancers have had root canal work--and how many of them. Teeth can also break due to grinding and clenching habits that may cause enamel to be worn away or fracture off. By treating areas of concern you may reduce possible dental side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation. I still have about 4 teeth that have root canals. Also, I do not have dental insurance and those darn root canals can be very expensive. Chemotherapy and teeth breaking. People can get temporary mouth sores from chemotherapy. No, I don't work at Penn; am just being treated there. Oral chemo is usually taken at home as a pill or liquid. Glad you have something to help it. Again, so comfortable and pretty. I kept up with regular checkups and cleanings and had no unusual problems. Can any of you report what kind of dental problems you had after chemo, if any? I can understand that as a lot of ladies cannot. hޤV�o�6�W�Cr$Ň���������0Ʀm�2�It��ߝ�4�&]�A������w�M��&� !pL�Hh��L��%)� S�֖e���2���IƄ5��������M���b�`p���0/yX��r0�� T�x����卾��v���"m!�}����Ng Oh my gosh!! H�t��j�0����l)�%%q,0�hKKX�ú��"����Fv.���e�)���i�g����.�3/^�`[?�.�i8G������⮷�eGў�Ȋ��~N�?�B7�f��t8��_==��yx�y��ք�������n�5w�c�Kt>����������q3D�&�=��ٜ�{/ 9��L;8?���h���Z��׺l���W뜳�b No recognition that so many of us, it seems have lost teeth as a result of chemo and/or radiation given during tests and work to help overcome cancer - treatments that have such long-term effects that no insurance plan or government assistance is available. My hubbie has an artificial hip and knee....stems are all titanium, too. It doesn't show, it's a little awkward, tho. Chemo sucks. I was told by my oncologist (after the fact) that indeed, chemo does ruin your teeth. any ideas as to getting the courage for yet more torture? Yet, some people’s brittle teeth are due in part to specific medical conditions. This is about when mine came out. The onset of side effects like oral mucoscitis can happen within weeks of the start of chemotherapy. I had 6 months of intense chemo in 2006 for stage 4 Hodgkin. 710 0 obj <> endobj More controversy!! With regard to radiation, unless it is given around your head and neck, it usually isn't seen as a problem for teeth. So when you go to get your hair cut, make it a party, take family and friends for support. ��$R��_ #>d0 I just went bald. Best toothpaste for chemo patients? I was eating rice one night and had a hard crunch like a rock was in my mouth. Really can see why bridges aren't the greatest as well. Thanks for yur message--and hope you're feeling well. I tried to wear hats and scarfs but I could not because it bothered me. . %%EOF My gyn one's husband is a dentist and she told me he will not see patients during chemo, then I found out that mine would not either (not that I wanted to take that risk). Mouth tissue is especially susceptible, and many cancer patients develop problems with their teeth… I miss my eyelashes the most. You can go to the dental school there for dental work. The cells in the lining of the mouth are frequently damaged by chemotherapy. Two of those molars had had root canals, I'm nearly certain. Brittle teeth are dangerous because they can break off or fall out. Brittle teeth can be caused by many different conditions or habits. Best to keep on routine checkups and catch things going wrong early. I wore them all through chemo and still wear them. And I don't think it was psychological, for I was exepcting to feel horrid for a week or so. I've had root canals and 2 implants...all prior to my cancer diagnosis. I was in middle of some major dental treatments prior to chemo --- implants. In my 33 years, I’ve never had a single cavity and always practiced excellent dental hygiene, yet I still experienced extreme teeth sensitivity post-chemo—so bad that I thought there must have been a cracked tooth in my mouth—and I came out … These changes may lead to mouth sores, infections, and tooth decay. First, while the chemotherapy knocks out cancer cells, it also knocks down all your blood counts What's pertinent to your teeth and mouth is a condition called neutropenia, an abnormally low count of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that helps fight off infections, particularly those caused by bacteria and fungi. Going to dentist sat to have it checked out maybe my crown has something stuck in there causing the problems, my oncologist said never to wait. I've made it through have bleeding gums.....terified of dentists (makes no sense after what I've just gone through)......just dont want more pain to deal with.....constant pain already.....and add teeth/mouth issues???? When I went back to work, the group I work with had cut their hair too. My teeth are destroyed. It is the result of defects in the initial phase of the tooth formation cycle. * Burning, peeling, or swelling tongue. The problems depend on the chemotherapy drugs and how your body reacts to them. Honestly, they are my favorites, even if Laurie and I are friends. I was up on my dental work prior to my treatment, and afterwards started having troubles (alot of troubles) - hence my asking him … my teeth are breaking since chemotherapy, many cavities have appeared, i had a very ulcerated mouth and throat resulting from the treatment, i am on a pension and i am not in any health care, the public system in australia, for dental care, is a waiting list, of many years, i have teeth that need urgent attention, i am in ongoing pain, please what can i do? I never got the knack of tying scarves. My second favorite was BeauBeaus. The chemotherapy treatments ended in feb. 2010. But am afraid to face likely need for major work as a result of chemo; have heard that chemo can wreak havoc on our mouths. Several oral problems can occur during high-dose chemotherapy. Many medical conditions can lead to brittle teeth. Problems with teeth are the most common. . In fact, Jo Ann, since the two missing molars are not a cosmetic problem, am even wondering if it's safe to go another year or more without replacing them. Teeth may fall out. Irene. P.S. I just don't want to spend the bucks on an implant. Am broke enough from the holiday season without facing major dental bills. Permanent teeth may be slow to come in and may look different from normal teeth. After I had pulled all the lose hair out, I got the hair cutting razor set it at the lowest setting and shaved the rest off. This summary is about oral complications caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. ago, chemo didn't help, put me on strong antibiotic and going to call my oncologist, says it needs to be pulled. Please advise. (Am lucky to have great med insurance, but dental is mediocre at best.). I don't know if it was related to the chemo or not - I saw the dentist, the endodontist, and finally the oral surgeon and none of them said anything, but it still makes you wonder, doesn't it? My sister and daughter did not know what I was doing in my room. This is what he said to me: 1. H��Wkk\7�+��.�V�� j;mSj��B)i(�։��ǁ���̌t�nHC����s�4��s4������ͫ���. These spots may then progress to black. Your mouth has to stay moist to help eliminate the cavity causing germs. Before chemotherapy begins, take your child to a dentist. I guess I was luck as I did not get col but I sure did get hot a lot and nothing would cool me down. Gloria, I'm with you, all I know is pain in one way or another, had this tooth pulled, extreme pain, chemo has been delayed 2 weeks, more pain, every time I eat I have to suffer, with throbbing pain, I've always took care of my teeth, now these chemicals are destroying them. I’ve had about 4 of my teeth break off. When I went in for my last cleaning in October, they decided they were not going to do anything cause they were affraid of what damage may come out of the cleaning. Mine came back but are really puny - just like the hair on the remainder of my body, including my head. Brittle and fragile teeth can affect anybody at any age. Just came from dentist, he says I have an abscess in my tool canal I had done 15 yrs. On a side note, since you are on chemo or between chemo, you may want to have your teeth fixed because you do not want to get an infection from your teeth. Sorry about your dental problems. I had just had a tooth pulled for an implant, so suffered with a hole in my mouth for over a year. I do know I felt remarkably better when I had two teeth with prior root canals pulled. Some treatment options may include fluoride treatments to prevent cavities, filling existing cavities, treating gum disease, removing infected teeth or restoring crowns or bridge work to ensure you will be able to chew your food. endstream endobj 711 0 obj <>/Metadata 102 0 R/OpenAction 712 0 R/Outlines 155 0 R/PageLabels 701 0 R/Pages 705 0 R/StructTreeRoot 180 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 712 0 obj <> endobj 713 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 288.0 648.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 714 0 obj <>stream Come to think about it, it was about 3 or 4 years later that I was diagnosed with cancer. … I really need one more on the other side, but after researching I'm not having it done. Many of my friends said they did the same? trish. Hair coming out, sorry you are blah feeling. In peace and caring. Oral chemotherapy (chemo) is medicine used to shrink a tumor or kill cancer cells. In fact, one of my root canals years later became really abscessed. This can upset the healthy balance of bacteria. Prior to cancer when gyn exams were infrequent, I used to say I'd rather have a Pap smear than my teeth cleaned. Dental treatment during chemotherapy? I didn't realize there was a controversy about root canals. I new I was dragging for a reason. With an implant, a device is first screwed into the place where the tooth used to be. my teeth are chipping off and oncologist said its from chemo and radiation. Hang in there. Sending (((HUGS)))) your way. Yeah sure doc....I should really believe you???? If you are newly diagnosed with any form of cancer and will be seeking treatment, you should establish a relationship with a dentist who has experience in providing dental care for cancer patients as soon as possible. Tracking down the particular factors in your own case can help point the way toward treatments that can help. Not only don't we get thru cancer and treatments, now must watch everything we do to our bodies and any consequences to our health. Chemotherapy causes other side effects in children, depending on their age. Pain. Your diet, genetics, bone development and habits all affect the condition of your teeth. * Infection. Chemotherapy. Also, there could be problems with getting root canals or implants if you have had head and neck radiation, and some other problems. I was told to have no dental work, including cleaning, during chemo, so went 8 months between dental visits. Hope the antibiotics help your pain. Side effects include problems with your teeth and gums; the soft, moist lining of your mouth; and the glands that make saliva (spit). I am thinking of checking out permanent eye make up, but have not done it yet. Black teeth may start as spots on the teeth that appear brown or gray in color. The things we do to stay healthy and then realize after much research, it's unhealthy....gee!! Your doctor may need to cut back on your cancer treatment or may even stop it. Couldn't find anything and at the time was suggesting that I might have a tumor on the roof of my mouth. Good friend of mine is a dental hygienist, below is part of her email info --. If it had been the furthest-back molar I probably would not have had the implant done, but it was an annoying hole. My port was titanium and I had it in for over 5 years (only used it for six months but had it flushed monthly). what have others done to get their teeth covered. Makes sense, but when they do a bridge even when removing one tooth, file down the tooth in front and back (either side of extracted tooth), basically making it thinner and less strong. I have bad teeth. h�bbd``b`>$� �tH�&�XW��5! When I was first diagnosed, 11 months ago, I didn't know if I'd be alive a year later. The dentist said the best bet for me is to have all teeth removed and get dentures. We can all relate. Hypodontia is due to high repetitive administration of chemotherapy agents. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition. Ports are titanium too. Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to treat cancer. I sat on the bed with a plastic bag and pulled the hair out. I don't have the BEST teeth but I have not had ANY issues regarding my teeth since I completed treatment in Dec. 2008. It does take time to adjust to losing your hair. Some things that reduce the strength of a tooth include: Tooth decay and cavities eat away at enamel. If it had been winter I would have worn hats and scarves. About your bald head - have you looked at Titillating Turbans? Haven't decided on an implant or not. And few people come to visit. You can go to the Penn Dental School even if you do not work there....I just thought you did. It's so disappointing to be doing everyting thing you are told to do only to find out that your teeth are getting worse. The bridge that went bad with the tooth I mentioned, I decided to do 2 implants. He said it basically makes them rot from the inside out. * Painful mouth and gums. Invasive high dose chemotherapy may cause teeth agenesis. In our local news last summer a school teacher's teeth were destroyed by chemo for breast cancer. K�������t������`A��o�89��L�4�*���c�`CCE�(���h``���X2%ށC��� �|����~ -Ġ@``df�c�1c0q�,��yѸe�����O���%�gTHp�Nb�q�ڍ�?nS`P�`ۖ����e`�/2��@:���p��t]�,�| �[�8���5�f:H,���2X�� �W �A�+ * The side effects can hurt and make it hard to eat, talk, and swallow. Trish, I cannot force myself to shave my head, let it fall,out by itself, I did cut it to about 1/2 inch. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. 0 You may have certain side effects in your mouth from chemotherapy. I hope this is not going to be the case for me, but if after the UPSC/clear cell diagnosis, the chemo helps me to live for another decade, with worsening teeth, I'll consider myself lucky. Chemotherapy can affect the growth and development of children's teeth. When it started coming out by the handful, I had my own party by myself. Chemo really has no bearing on damage to teeth. It's still depressing. Also, for each time I was pregnant, I had a root canal. * Dry mouth. Chemotherapy destroys white blood cells, weakening your immune system. One of the reasons for waiting after the extraction is because the dentist needs to see if your bone is strong enough to support the implant. Chemo sucks. Anyone can go. Never ends does it??? Hugs to you, Irene. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy may cause changes in the lining of the mouth and the salivary glands, which make saliva. B�$�t�2-��i�ͪ���-�P*� I've changed my tune. Thus, one must be extra careful and must do everything it takes to avoid the occurrence of teeth breaking and chipping. Use of this online service is subject to the disclaimer and the terms and conditions. Ro, thank you for understanding I wish you were here to talk to, I feel so isolated, my white count is down, so I'm afraid of going in public of getting sick. Mine is 25K to fix teeth I have dental (delta veterans) but it only covers 1500 per year. If large cavities are not treated, the decay in the teeth can eventually cause breaks, especially in the back teeth. Major damage. Taking Care of Your Teeth and Mouth During Cancer Treatment More than one-third of all cancer patients develop complications that affect the mouth, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. I'm cold all the time I'll just be wearing hats through the winter. It is well-supervised. If youve had several teeth break or chip, you may wonder why your teeth are fragile, and more importantly, if there is anything you can do to strength them. Individuals on chemotherapy are typically offered antibiotics to avoid infections of … is there no end????? oh well it could be the region and the weather. * If the side effects are bad, you may not be able to keep up with your cancer treatment. These problems should all be addressed in order to reduce the risk of complications. Titianium is used for the screw. This means the body is less able to eliminate off infections from bacteria, fungus and infections. ���;_7��B�0�c� ��| &p �����:�` 9|�6��-TPC����G�e��ȡW��V}{�C�9��Y"����ʻ�!�%ɐ)�h����m����$/ So for me, I guess I just have bad teeth. 2. These mild to severe side effects can include mouth sores, infection, dry mouth, sensitive gums and jaw pain. endstream endobj startxref Had my root canal pulled yesterday, it didn't go easy, theI tooth broke into pieces and had to have stitches. However, if you do not have saliva or constant dry mouth, that is prone to cause more decay to your teeth. h�b```"5η �����x�Ȫ���2զ���Ak>�� eg);�>��q+M��V�u��\�*@},�6�${�J� What you'll find each of us has different dental issues, don't think just because you have chemo your teeth expenditures will increase. In peace and caring. When the front teeth break, especially in children, it is usually due to a fall a fall or a hit to the face or mouth. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. The content on this site is for informational purposes only. I was scheduled for chemo 2/1/12 I too started having problems with my teeth, which were well kept up, my gums hurt so bad had to take a viciden, throbbing so bad. Chemo has not made them any worse. Long-term effects of chemo on teeth. The lesion will first appear as a red sore, then the body's epithelial cells start to … Man, my head was white! This damage can result in sores and infections that can likewise impact the health of the teeth. Chemotherapy drugs are one of the most common treatments for many different types of cancer. I do not do well with pain anymore. Sorry to hear about your pain. Today is day 14 post chemo hiair is falling out, blah. She was too ashamed of her teeth to teach anymore and couldn't afford to have them fixed. e�i4��`������e�;�N�9oG&AwZ�f�x�e:mQx4r�Tʔ�Lq�JD:of?��3{� �|� �'�ɫ2����-'�g�����&ԑ�&��o�4�h��B^G�Eo�h��~�F6}�Fo�&{�B~K��!�}$6�&�'���-N��T�P�MS��`�XJ�TF��&�����a)qBa�c��i5q�5�(�3�^�@�����X$\�Z����� Irene so sorry you are having such a hard time, Thanks Kaleena--and the Root Canal Controversy. Wonder how safe it is in the end.). Sorry to hear about your hair failing out. We all know how hard it was for us. After that, an impression is done and a "false" tooth is made, and it is then attached to the screwed-in device. However, if you do not have saliva or constant dry mouth, that is prone to cause more decay to your teeth. Problems with teeth are the most common. Holistic dentist? It couldn't be repaired. I finished my chemo in 2008 and slowly my teeth have been getting worse. It was a nice feeling to know that they supported me. If not, they can do a bone graft to strengthen the bone. Permanent teeth may be slow to come in … A ge… Being post menopausal, then having BSO along with hysterectomy, and finally being on Arimidex makes me highly suspicious. this is unfair. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy may cause changes in the lining of the mouth and the salivary glands, which make saliva. I only wore my wig to church or special events.