They are high in riboflavin and contain as much fiber as 1 medium tomato. Guchhi mushroom is a species of fungus in the family Morchellaceae of the Ascomycota. They are also a rich source of vitamin D apart from several B-vitamins, according to Unlike other Morchella these mushrooms have a unique growth myth revolving around it which is as, “They only grow post the snowfall which has been accumulated with the thundering and lighting clouds formed rain.” It sounds like out from fantasy fiction, but since to date it has been impossible to cultivate these mushrooms; hence the myth has started to gain some followers. Due to its taste and texture, it is served to the various clientele ranges. Internationally, morels are also found in Pakistan, China, Canada, USA, Turkey and across Western Europe, while China remains one of its top exporters. Known for its health benefits and presence of Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and other essential amino acids, the Gucchi Mushroom is in high demand not just in India but also in the USA and European countries like Italy, France, Switzerland, and others to name to few. Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. These mushrooms are very fragile and a lot of effort is required to retain their pleated honeycomb texture. Recently in Uttarkashi, they largest stock of mushroom has been gathered by Mr. Deepak Negi, which is approximately 200kgs in weight. The Gucchi mushrooms are usually found in early spring. With the subspecies ranging over wide diversity, the edible is the one that is mostly known to us. यूं तो दुनिया में बहुत सी वैरायटी के मशरूम हैं, लेकिन सबसे ज्यादा चर्चा गुच्छी मशरूम की हो रही है. 500 grams of Gucchi mushrooms cos…..Read Here. Kadai Mushroom Recipe: How To Make This Lip-Smacking Delicacy At Home? Collection also consumes a lot of energy and takes time because there are hundreds of varieties of wild mushrooms in the forests; identifying gucchi among them is a very difficult. Paul Stamets in his paper 'Novel Antimicrobials from Mushrooms' notes that few medical practitioners are aware that many of the externalised secondary metabolites -- extra-cellular secretions by the mycelium -- combat bacteria and viruses. Morels are "wild harvest" mushrooms, and cannot be cultivated in the farms, unlike shiitake, or button heads. The one problem with dried morels is that the rehydrated mushrooms get a not entirely pleasant spongy-leathery texture that is faintly reminiscent of tripe. Gucchi mushrooms: Expensive, delicious and full of health benefits. Heat ghee in a pan. In the hilly regions Gucchi has been known to be a primary source of income for most of the locales. Mushrooms are one of the most common edible fungi known to mankind. They are also a … Belonging to the family Morchella or the true morels, these are one of the rarest and the most expensive mushrooms found in the hilly terrains of India, which grow after the melting of the snow. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. While most vitamin D supplements contain D 3 (cholecalciferol), dietary D 2 from mushrooms has been shown to be as effective as vitamin D 2 and D 3 supplements in raising and maintaining 25(OH)D levels . The festival is first of its kind. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The time of fruiting of the mushrooms varies locally from February to July. 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Collectors have to trek hundreds of miles through forests to identify and then collect the exotic mushroom. The texture and flavor are close to meat and the multiple abundances of various nutrients and vitamins have them acing the heath benefit chart too. In one of the interviews with our PM Narendra Modi; ” Gucchi mushroom is very beneficial and has helped in improving my health”. In the FAQ section , you can find the nutrient value of the morel mushroom, and yet it is often difficult to find a great deal of validated information. Gucchi mushroom (Morchella esculenta L.), commonly known as morel mushrooms or simply morels belongs to the Morchella family. Morchella Esculenta is the scientific name of Gucchi Mushroom and is recognized by its honeycomb-like structure which is the fruit. The price of the mushrooms constantly fluctuates depending on the produce per season. Expert Reveals, Viral Post: Kind Patron Leaves $200 Tip For Each Of 7 Restaurant Employees, Viral Wrap Hack Gets A 'Nutella Makeover' By A Famous Baker; Watch Recipe Video, Karisma Kapoor's 'Wrecked' Cheesecake Pic Is What Every Good Party Looks Like, THIS WEBSITE FOLLOWS THE DNPA CODE OF ETHICS. Benefits- They are rich in antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that prevent health issues including heart diseases and diabetes by removing reactive oxygen species that harm the body. As noted from the recent trend and report from various hilly markets where the Gucchi are sold within the last 1 year the price of Gucchi has skyrocketed from approx INR 9000/kg to approx INR 30,000/kg. They are also a good source of niacin,    pantothenate and copper. They are rich in potassium, vitamins and copper. Gucchi grows in the Himalayan region after a period of snowfall. Mushroom hunters collect completely grown morels by trimming them at the base of the cap using a paring knife. So due to various factors ranging from medicinal benefits to the difficulty in gathering and the inability to cultivate in an agricultural setting and great demand by the high-class restaurants around the world, Gucchi has gained fame and also a rise in price around the world. May 02, 2020 11:57 am. A short harvesting season for wild morels -- several months in the spring -- and difficulty growing them commercially means that these mushrooms may be hard to find. It is to be organised by Darjeeling Wildlife Division. Gucchi Mushroom Benefits News This Rare Indian Mushroom Costs Rs 30,000 Per Kg And is Grown in The Himalayas - Know Everything Lifestyle Staff | September 4, 2020 5:02 PM IST Their arrival is eagerly awaited by several hundred morel enthusiasts each season. The Gucchi mushrooms are highly expensive and are full of health benefits. It is the best food for diabetes patients. Add the whole spices and let them fry for a few seconds. The mushrooms are strewn into a garland and hung over fire to dry. Gucchi collection is a very cumbersome task. 4.They are also considered a rich source of protein, potassium, copper, carbohydrates and Vitamin B. A bird festival is to be organised at Mahananda wildlife Sanctuary in West Bengal. You have entered an incorrect email address! They are a very rich source of Vitamin D and as not many foods are naturally rich in this nutrient, guchi mushrooms are very beneficial. Its unique flavour and health benefits further make it a wild specialty. They help with proper absorption of calcium for stronger bones, lower your risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure as well as several other ailments. Soak the rice in water for 30 minutes. Known for its health benefits and presence of Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and other essential amino acids, the Gucchi Mushroom is in high demand not just in India but also in the USA and European countries like Italy, France, Switzerland, and others to name to few. They also grow in acid soils. Gucchi is known to be one of the most expensive mushrooms, with only 500 gm of it costing up to Rs 18,000. With a honeycomb head and dark brown hue, they make a visual statement, rather different from other mushrooms. Due to the weather restriction and the altitude requirement for its growth, Gucchi is only found wildly growing and due to the large scale deforestation the amount that can be found is also negligible, hence making it one of the most expensive vegetables in the world. With its honeycomb structure topped with the leathery texture of dark brown hue, it is a host of various health benefits and is a delicacy enjoyed even by the meat lovers due to its earthly flavor. How mushrooms can help you fight cancer, diabetes. NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: November 23, 2017 10:31 IST, Why Wild Guchchi From The Himalayas Is One Of The Most Expensive Mushrooms, Guchchi mushrooms are grown in the Himalayan region after the snowfall, They have a unique flavour and earthy aroma, A kilogram of guchchi mushroom can cost Rs.10, 000 to Rs.30,000, Experts Suggest To Load Up On Natural Antioxidants For Healthy Heart: 5 Antioxidant-Rich Drinks To Try, Celeb Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Shares Healthy Recipe Of Gajar Ka Salad - Try Now, 5 Amazing Reasons to Add Mushrooms to Your Daily Meals. The amount of time and hard work required to gather the required quantity is also a deciding factor in its price rise. Various high-class restaurants around the world procure these mushrooms for the various exotic delicacies which are the amount the most expensive in the world. UPSC Prelims Code - 51India's costliest mushroom Gucchi | भारत का सबसे महंगा मशरूम गुच्छी Add … gucchi mushroom benefits; Health benefits of gucchi mushrooms; Morel mushroom Facts; Health Benefits of Morel Mushrooms; Next Stories. Choudhary averred that Doda Gucchi Mushroom is one of the most popular, flavorful, medicinally beneficial mushroom species found in the nearby forest areas of the Doda. The strong, earthy, almost nutty flavor of the morel mushroom makes it a favorite choice of cooks and consumers. Admirers of this mushroom cravingly demand and go barmy for even a spoonful of this commodity in their plates. Fresh morels often sold in t… Copyright © 2018 illuminylife | Design By : An Untouched Paradise in Himalaya: Chenap Valley, Finally, the doors to the Valley of Flower is open, COVID-19 report a must to gain entry, Doors Open for the Tourists in Uttarakhand, Kalasan Farm, A journey of Apple Rootstock. Jammu and Kashmir Government has recently sought the GI tag for Gucchi mushroom. Since they are not available readily, the chefs and connoisseurs preserve it for later use by extracting the water and preserving it. Mushroom is a treasure-trove of vitamin D - a nutrient known to boost strong bones, teeth and stamina. 1. doctors using … It can take months before enough is collected, dried and available for sale in the market. “Potassium, vitamins, copper, antioxidants … you name it, the morels have them all,” … The rich vitamin D content may also help promote weight loss, prevent flu … The gastronomic treat is also a trove of health benefits, say nutritionists. A geographical indication (GI) tag has been sought for one of the costliest mushrooms in the world that grows in Jammu and Kashmir’s Doda district.Locally called Gucchi, or Morel, the mushroom, priced at over ₹20,000 a kg, is a forest produce collected by local farmers and tribals. Guchi mushroom also known as moral mushroom or guchi is a species of fungus in the Morchellaceae family of the Ascomycota. The gastronomic treat is also a trove of health benefits, say nutritionists. Like other edible mushrooms they contain the B complex vitamins, vitamin D and essential amino acids, but the morel mushrooms have an uncommon amino acid in them cis-3-amino-l-proline.The polysaccharides they contain have several medical properties including antiviral, immunoregulatory, anti-tumour growth effects and they give you more resistance to fatigue. My Instagram: Mushroom is also known as GUCCHI Mushroom worldwide. Not only the gucchi, but other varieties of mushrooms -- both found in the wild and grown artificially -- have a tremendous medicinal value. It is one of the most readily recognized of all the edible mushrooms and highly sought after. The Gucchi mushrooms prefer soil with limestone base. Health benefits of Gucchi :-Gucchi mushrooms are rich in vitamins and are known to reduce the risk of cancer. Due to the low amount of carbohydrates in mushrooms, they are helpful in controlling blood sugar levels. Health benefits of gucchi mushrooms These mushrooms are also replete with health benefits. The Jammu and Kashmir Government recently sought GI tag for Gucchi mushroom. But since the prices are escalating hence the demand for the same has seen a slight decline. The officials said that among these products the GI tag has been sought for Gucchi mushroom which is widely grown in J&K’s Doda and is one of world’s costliest food mushrooms … ; About Guchhi mushroom. Growing in the foothills of the Himalayan range passing through Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, it is mostly found in the high altitude coniferous forest. Morel mushrooms contain approximately 206 IUs of vitamin D 2 per 100 grams of fresh material . With its leathery texture, earthy flavour, a host of health benefits, and a rare occurrence, the morel or gucchi mushroom is an exotic delicacy even in India, where it is found. July 03, 2020 3:00 pm. In India it is primarily traded in locations like Rohru, Chamba, Rampur, Kullu, and in Jaunsar region of Uttarakhand. The Great Morel is all about sharing information on morels and this little post focuses on the positive health benefits of the morel mushroom. This is why recipes that involve keeping them whole, for example in the gucchi ‘kebabs’ I’ve seen served up at expensive restaurants, aren’t the best use for such expensive ingredients. Protection against drug side effects Mushroom hunters often get a cue from blooming of lilacs, bluebells, and dandelionsafter the rain in spring. What are the health benefits of Gucchi mushroom? Reduce the sugar level. Reportedly, they are rich in potassium, vitamins, and copper. The Gucchi mushrooms are highly expensive and are full of health benefits. Several properties such as vitamin-D, protein, zinc, and selenium make mushrooms manifold beneficial for health. Health Benefits of Morel Mushrooms. GI Tag was recently provided to Saffron of J&K. 500 grams of Gucchi mushrooms cost Rs 18,000. But there are few which have been known to have great medicinal effects in addition to the great taste and from among those kinds of mushroom the one which has recently gained bit fame is the Gucchi Mushroom which is an exotic delicacy in India. Gucchi mushrooms are highly expensive and are full of health benefits. Instructions. Since Chinese medicine has been making the use of the Gucchi from ages due to its various benefits, it has made china the main exporter of Gucchi to the world. Once the ghee is hot, add the soaked gucci and fry for 2-3 minutes. Recently, GI Tag was provided to Saffron of Jammu and Kashmir. Gucchi or kashmiri mashroom are low in carbohydrates, calories and sodium and are cholesterol and fat free. 500 grams of Gucchi mushrooms cost Rs 18,000. Depending on the various market trends like the availability of the mushroom, required quantity, demand, and such, the price varies a lot for it. Fresh morel season lasts from late April until June in the United States. The Gucchi mushrooms are highly expensive and are full of health benefits. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wash the gucci very well and soak in 2 cups of water for an hour. Health benefits of Gucchi mushrooms These mushrooms have many health benefits too.