Females are cream with brown stripes. Members of the "Jake" type Aulonocara group traditionally have wide, white margins to their unpaired fins and a … Originally called Trematocranus jacobfreibergi or the Malawi Butterfly, it was one of the first peacocks brought into this country in the early seventies. Here at Beantown Aquatics, we love our African Cichlids. Males will develop bright blue and yellow colors while females remain a pale grey color. They will lay claim to small piece of territory that provides them adequate feeding opportunities. Baby peafowls are called peachicks. Category: Freshwater Fish. Eureka Red Peacock Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi Aquarium Fish. However it isn't unusual for a dominant male may show increased aggression levels towards other males. The soil will leave large areas of fine sand. This strain of hybrid Peacock displays an electric orange color with blues. Bred and raised with his 50 brothers and sisters and now living in my peacock … Close. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The Aulonocara jacobfreibergi (Undu Reef) or Lemon Jake Peacock is a very popular species of peacock cichlid found among African cichlid hobbyists. Remarks: The Eureka Peacock is a line-bred strain of Aulonocara jacobfreibergi "Otter Point". They are known as the Peacock cichlid. Females. In the wild, it lives near rocky areas and caves. For a community aquarium, given its territorial nature, the male Peacock Cichlid does not tolerate any intrusion at home. All are from the genus Aulonocara, and popular with aquarists because of the bright colors that males display, which is also their characteristic that helped them get the name of Peacock Cichlid… They are Malawi mouth brooders. How They Move in the Tank. The Aulonocara jacobfreibergi (Undu Reef) or Lemon Jake Peacock is a very popular species of peacock cichlid found among African cichlid hobbyists. After the expulsion, fry growth is quite fast. Cichlid Species Discussion; Lake Malawi Species; Forum index. They can be bright red (Eureka) or yellow (Undu Reef) through many shades (Otter Point which has shades of gray on a yellow / orange background). Males develop a metallic blue color on their face, and from just past their pectoral fins, down to their … During this period, the female stops feeding, which is perfectly normal. This species of Aulonocara is native to the waters of Lake Malawi, around the caves and rocks of Undu Reef and Tanzania. Aulonocara jacobfreibergi eureka red. amzn_assoc_linkid = "a424bbd689578665c6d5502b6481aff0"; They are fast, powerful moving fish that can chase or dart with precision. ____ Benga Sunshine. should be sand or fine gravel and there should be plenty of rocks to create caves and passageways for the fish to claim territories or seek protection. Lemon Jake Peacocks are native to the hard, alkaline water environment of Lake Malawi in Africa. The African Butterfly Peacock Cichlid (Aulonocara jacobfreibergi) should be housed singly in an aquarium of at least 55 gallon capacity with an aragonite gravel or fine crushed coral substrate, lots of rocky caves to hide among, and plenty of free swimming space. The Red Peacock Cichlid … They are very territorial, sedentary fish with cavernicolous habits. A home aquarium should offer these fish similar living conditions for them to display their brightest colors. They spend most of their time inside caves among large boulders, as opposed to open, sandy areas. Description: My Eureka Blue Peacock Male. This type of peacock will tend to be aggressive toward other yellow peacocks, especially Benga. They all have a similar shape. The males transform as they mature to present various colors while the females remain grey. The recommended water parameters for triggering spawning are: temperature at 25°C or 77°F, pH at 8 and hardness at 15°dGH. Lemon Jake Peacock cichlids are sexually dimorphic. Item added to cart. This will create an ideal breeding colony and will help spread out any aggression displayed by the male. Thus, a relatively cool Aulonocara jacobfreibergi in its early years can become more difficult as it gets older. Our strain was originally acquired from a commercial source in mid-2003. Size Male Female Unsexed; Juvenile: Premium: Young adult: Adult: Select options. Fish Scientific Name: Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi. Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:57 am. The BluePeacock Cichlid (Aulonocara nyassae) A metallic blue, to a bright yellow, and during breeding season its color will become even more enhanced. The peacock cichlid is an omnivorous fish that accepts a lot of food: feeding it should not be a problem. This species is robust and resistant. Females are considerably smaller. Choosing aulonocara peacock cichlid species for a mixed tank aulonocara rubenscens red peacock cichlid male and female. Visit this trusted breeder to order Lemon Jake Peacocks just like these. Albino Benga Sunshine (Aulonocara baenschi) (Aulonocara baenschi) – 1.25-1.5″ @ 8.99. The males will still take 6 to 8 months to put on their beautiful colors. Its name "jacobfreibergi" refers to Jack Freiber, the first importer of African cichlids in the United States. The Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Eureka or Eureka Red Jake Peacock is a very popular species of peacock cichlid that is not native to the waters of Lake Malawi, but is a line bred strain of the Otter Point jacobfreibergi or Malawi Butterfly. are DOA can be replaced or refunded. Lemon Jake Peacock cichlids are carnivores and should be fed a diet that contains a good amount of protein. Avoid associations with other territorial fish because disputes can lead to violent fights (like Mbunas for example). For all your pet nee 545 Niagara St., Unit 6 Welland, ON Tanzania. Males develop a light metallic blue color on their face, and from just past their pectoral fins, down to their tails. amzn_assoc_asins = "B0055KZ83O,B0032GEFG4,B000YADYXG,B000255MZG". Melanochromis Auratus Cichlids Black Male Yellow Female. Peacock Cichlids are some of the friendliest and easiest-to-care for cichlid species. Female: This fish is large enough to show male like color or markings and has yet to do so - however, a few males can be late bloomers Part Color Male: This fish has signs of being male, usually slight color, egg spots, or other male … Preferably, only one male should be in the tank. Peacocks- Live Tropical Fish. A Friendly Online Community For Cichlid Enthusiasts. It also easily accepts freeze-dried foods (we encourage you to choose special foods of good quality for cichlids). Malawi Peacock Cichlids. ... EUREKA RED PEACOCK Cichlid - AULONOCARA JACOBFREIBERGI - MALE - 3.5 - 4.5 inch. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Wild Type Males And Females And Second Generation Hybrid Males . to your door with a live arrival guarantee. 4“+ male and 3-4” females one female is blind in one eye. Their diet is Carnivore. When they are young, it is difficult to differentiate the males from the females because they all have the same livery. Adult: Select options. Aulonocara jacobfreibergi male at Otter Point, Lake Malawi.Photo by Ad Konings.. One of the most difficult aspects of the genus Aulonocara is picking which one to work with. With this quantity I will hopefully end up with 8 or 10 females. Get the best deals on Peacock Cichlids when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. In captivity, the decoration adapted to this species will be mainly composed of rocks forming numerous caves and hiding places. Aulonocara is a genus of haplochromine cichlids endemic to Lake Malawi in East Africa.All Aulonocara species are maternal mouth brooders.Particularly in the aquarium hobby, Aulonocara species are also known as peacock cichlids… Male Peacock Cichlids develop bright colors as they reach maturity. They are called Peacock Cichlids due to the fantastic coloration developed by the dominant males. Female. It is also one of the most variable, with natural color strains that can be very different between populations. Find the perfect peacock cichlid stock photo. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "bashba-20"; Sexing Fish Stimulating Fish Breeding Behavior. Once they have established their territory they will aggressively defend it from similarly sized and patterned fish species or anything that they determine to be … Our males […] If you are interested in females, please ask – we have many species in stock. ... Jacobfreibergi Peacock Cichlid (Aulonocara jacobfreibergi… Females may continue to carry the eggs and fry in their mouth for two weeks or longer. 4“+ male and 3-4” females one female is blind in one eye. Adult: Select options. They will increase month after month until they reach full maturity. The male blue peacock cichlids, however, are a stunning shiny, iridescent blue color, often with red or yellow accents. Email: Daytonaaquarium@hotmail.com. Options. Any fish that Far from being left to chance, it must form separate and satisfying territories for all the species you plan to maintain. The recommended water parameters for triggering spawning … The substrate