We are dedicated to offering a premier precast concrete resource, showing innovative project applications, educational resources, technical support and practical advice on the use of precast concrete systems. MPS Concept Technologies & Solutions is based on advanced green sustainable 3D precast concrete blocks and concrete products: The Modular Precast Pod System is a modular precast concrete manufacturer specialising in providing robust, innovative and sustainable building solutions to the construction industry. The patented 30 monolithic Pod system is extremely responsive to architectural designs, highly efficient for repetitious projects and can be adapted to any situation from urban cities to more remote, isolated locations. WELCOME TO AES If you can describe it, we can build it. Precast concrete floors are a great solution for homes that have specific characteristics which would benefit from a concrete floor construction. Efficiently model floor … From planning to install, Huffcutt will make sure each building meets your organization’s needs and is an investment to last for … When combined with other products such as Energy Star Infrared Heat Reflective Shield paint, Ecobulb lighting systems and grey water gravity operating technology provides an integrated sustainable approach to construction. Victorian Government Social Housing: Nation Building MPS was awarded a position on the panel of pre-fabricated builders to manufacture and construct social housing for the Victorian Government, Department of Housing, in late 2009. In the final weeks, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and insulation are completed along with fixtures and finishes. Click an image below to view all the images in the sets. Precast concrete detailing software for modeling prefabricated buildings in Revit® Precast Concrete software for Revit streamlines your 3D design process by automating the modeling, detailing, and documentation stages. Precast concrete provides manufacturers with the ability to produce a wide range of engineered earth retaining systems. Typically, these buildings can be assembled in our facility and delivered and set in one piece at the site. Abtech, Inc. … When security is your main concern. Westcon precast concrete modular buildings are your quick, durable and low maintenance solution and ideal for Public Works and Municipals Buildings. We have provided modular buildings for numerous projects including: © Copyright Del Zotto 2019   |   All Rights Reserved   |   Site by, Del Zotto Products of Texas, Inc - Houston. Modules are cast based on the requirement in the factory, transported and assembled at the site. Del Zotto modular precast concrete buildings are built to your specifications. Surrounding structures and environments can be easily matched. These units are of superior quality, versatile and provide faster construction schedules. Further, the modules were transported to … The sector is growing in popularity due to its many benefits such as less time on the construction site, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, improved quality control, reduced waste and … facebook. Call Us Today! Precast concrete is a form of concrete that is prepared, cast and cured off-site, usually in a controlled factory environment, using reusable moulds. Cost Effective Solutions We strive to offer the most cost-effective modular solutions to our customers. Precast lends itself to many different finishes and designs, such as polishing, colouring, aggregate exposure, texturing, logo work and stencilling. All of our buildings are made with a high strength concrete mix, industry-leading innovation, and unmatched product quality. We are unaffected by typical onsite weather delays that frequently occur in the field. We will work closely with you to design the building to meet the requirements of the project as there are many hazardous materials require specific features. Unlike Steel sided buildings, Precast buildings have NO RUST. Making concrete construction modern, advanced and easy. This month we are pleased to feature Hy-Grade Precast Concrete as part of our Meet a Precaster blog series. 4. Precast concrete elements can be joined to other elements to form a complete structure. For modular buildings for general use, the contractor will furnish a precast concrete building, which will then be pre-assembled, delivered, and placed on the owners prepared stone foundation in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. Fast Installation. The strength and durability are much higher than that of other construction materials. Retaining walls have five different types which include: gravity retaining wall, semi-gravity … Concretex Building System In 1985, Concretex invented the Concretex Building System, a modular building technology using custom lightweight concrete panels. For modular buildings for the storage of hazardous materials, the contractor will furnish a precast concrete building conforming to the standards of the EPA, for maximum security and protection. MAXI-MOD modular buildings allow for multiple project steps to be completed at the same time. 1998 - Reaplite Industry Incorporated in january They stretched the 3D design to room-sized 3D modules in precast concrete. SMART WAY OF BUILDING VME's Modular Units are transportable precast concrete building systems. Products include: commercial retaining walls, residential walls, sea walls, mechanically stabilized earth panels, modular block systems, segmental retaining walls, etc. It is typically used for structural components such as; wall panels, beams, columns, floors, staircases, pipes, tunnels, and so on. Precast Concrete buildings provide the most durable option and fastest construction time compared to that of buildings constructed of wood, masonry, or metal. We have the broadest product line of below ground and above ground shelters and vaults. For example, a precast concrete company in Dubai applied the principles of modular construction in a villa project. These are assembled as required, allowing for the system to adapt to customer requirements. We currently have several one story floor plans … 5 Year Warranty AES Precast backs up our reputation with a 5 year structural warranty. The resulting homes are constructed quickly and of high quality components. 1:1 Architects designed the pod. The following […] Filed Under: Meet a Precaster, NPCA Blog Tagged With: Animal Housing, Canada, Electrical Enclosures, Hazardous Material Storage, Pump Stations, Utility Vault, barrier, concrete, cost effective, custom, durable, efficient, modular buildings, precast, retaining … Our Precast Concrete Homes. Read on for our top five benefits to modular buildings. U.S Precast Concrete Market Size By End-User (Non-Residential and Residential), By Elements (Columns & Beams, Walls & Barriers, Floors & Roofs, Girders, Pipes, Utility Vaults, Paving Slabs, and Others (Stairs)), By Construction Type (Elemental Construction, Permanent modular buildings, Relocatable buildings), By Geographic Scope And Forecast Portable precast plant can be assembled to produce a concrete module for practically any shape and size dwelling space designed by an architect. Skip to content. Modular Precast Concrete buildings are a perfect solution for storage of hazardous materials. Bringing concrete technology & solutions for builders, developers, contractors,architects and engineers. Modular Classrooms: 4 Classroom Modular Building with Restrooms. - Achieved 1,000,000 man-hours without Lost Time Injuries. This paper has developed an innovative lateral force resisting system using precast concrete modules’ walls as shear walls for high-rise buildings constructed using the modular approach. Modular buildings are growing in popularity for construction projects. Hy-Grade Precast concrete modular buildings feature a variety of aesthetic finishes, including exposed aggregate, custom staining, vandal coatings and simulated finishes such as ashlar, barnboard, block, brick or steel roof. Modular buildings also represent many savings in terms of installation, labour and costs. Find out how we manufactured a precast, insulated Modular Building to blend in with a residential neighbourhood in just 4 days for Municipality of West Elgin in Rodney, ON: https://bit.ly/3ozXC3o # precast # modularbuilding # municipalproject Thanks to ongoing innovations in technology it is now possible to build modular homes on a concrete slab while still enjoying the benefits of off-site construction. Equipment shelters and vaults from Oldcastle Infrastructure are designed for rapid installation and deployment and long term secure service. Del Zotto modular precast concrete buildings are manufactured with industry leading quality controls with steel reinforcement, in a controlled, covered environment that would be unavailable at the job site. Modular Precast System currently manufactures all module sizes. The MAXI-MOD modular all precast building allows for the ultimate in flexibility for your large square foot enclosure needs. Easi-Set buildings from Modern are trans-portable, steel reinforced precast concrete buildings which feature a wide range of benefits. We can also erect the building on-site in a small fraction of the time it would take with other construction methods. Modular buildings don't have to look like concrete. Whatever your need for additional classroom space, whether it is increased enrollment or if your main facility is undergoing a much-needed renovation, precast classrooms are the preferred solution to trailers or most time- and cost-heavy built in place … More Modular Building Manufacturers. The Modular Precast Pod System is a modular precast concrete manufacturer specializing in providing robust,innovative and sustainable building solutions to the construction industry.Modular Precast delivers the world’s most advanced 3 dimensional monolithic precast concrete building system offering substantial benefits and savings over traditional and slab construction … These module walls replace traditional cast-in-situ cores or shear walls. A 40-story high-rise building based on public housing design in Hong Kong (HK) was adopted for case … Excellent Customer Service AES Precast has been … About Read More » http://www.precastconcretehomes.com.auThis video shows the construction method used by Precast Concrete Homes. The building will be pre-assembled, … You will find an overview of how MPS delivers the best value, highest quality modular precast buildings with unmatchable building program. We also provide shop drawings for customer approval and provide a reliable delivery date for project completion. The Modular Precast Pod System is a modular precast concrete manufacturer specializing in providing robust,innovative and sustainable building solutions to the construction industry.Modular Precast delivers the world’s most advanced 3 dimensional monolithic precast concrete building system offering substantial benefits and savings over traditional and slab construction methods. Module sizes can start from 3m wide to 14m long. Move-In . After building a concrete foundation on your site, we deliver the pre-fabricated concrete panels to construct the shell of the home. In offsite construction - or modular building - typically more than 80% of the construction is completed off site, and the component parts (or modules) are transported to the site for assembly. Our pre-engineered, DOE/SREF approved, 4 modular classroom with restrooms and covered walkway is classy and practical. In today’s competitive market place it is crucial to create an industrial building … The first house project was commenced in Wangaratta, VIC and is a, Victorian Government Social Housing: Nation Building, Super-fast Installation… MPS has manufactured two, three-module precast concrete toilet blocks for Joss Constructions in December 2008. Accessories such as doors, roofs, wall joints and foundation walls can be chosen from several colours and finish selections. The exterior can be customized to match the finish of your existing building. The popularity of a prefabricated precast concrete building can be attributed to ease of installation, customizable features and economic return for the property owner. There are several sets of images within each gallery. See all of the Modular Buildings concrete and steel products available from Del Zotto Precast Concrete! - First in Malaysia to be contracted for the manufacturing and supply of modular precast concrete components using Prefabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction technology for public and private housing developments in Singapore. They offer the advantages of quick installation, no required footing, and a full spectrum of available sizes and finishes. It’s no surprise, since precast concrete provides many benefits in terms of durability, sustainability and aesthetics. Move-in can be within 60 days from kick-off. Industrial construction . Structural steel frames can provide an alternative for pre-fabricated structural components, but precast concret… Time is money in the construction game, anything new that can speed up the building process has to be considered. The three 7m modules combined with precast floors enabled the entire block to be, The “Regrowth Pod” Prototype In March, 2009 MPS produced a prototype module for use as temporary accommodation by a family in Kinglake. Easi-Set: Smaller & Usually Pre-Assembled Easi-Set’s prefab buildings are designed to provide durability, convenience and long lasting security under a variety of applications. Fire, flood, storm and termite resistant, the Pod System provides a fast, strong, flexible, low cost build solution for. DuBox is a modular design and offsite concrete construction company with over 130,000 square meters constructed in the GCC. We specialize in custom concrete buildings. Modular classroom buildings by Easi-Set are an economical and safe solution to your temporary or permanent classroom needs. We have developed precast solutions ranging in size from 50 sf to more than 3,500 sf. We offer both insulated and uninsulated walls providing flexibility and lowering construction timelines. The modules were installed at two schools in Granville and Elanora Heights in NSW. Prefabricated concrete elements kept costs low. The first-floor homes, each measuring 45 square metres, were built according to Summary's modular housing method called the Gomos System.. The premier precast supplier for architects, engineers and building/construction contractors. The module was donated to the project with the help of a number of other suppliers and builders. Precast Concrete Modular Buildings Westcon offers precast concrete modular buildings that are high-quality and durable in Alberta’s harsh winters. Huffcutt designs, engineers, and delivers high quality and durable precast concrete buildings customized to meet your needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide us the ability to manufacture offsite, providing cost efficiency to your project. Precast concrete buildings can be designed and finished to create unique modern buildings that are both functional and stylish. Huffcutt creates and delivers high quality and durable precast concrete modular buildings that meet your organization’s needs. These buildings are weather-tight, secure, and maintenance-free. Products Precast Products Modular Buildings Our modular buildings are available in a wide variety of exterior finishes and architectural colours. Available in 20′ or 30′ widths and various lengths, MAXI-MOD provides you with a customizable enclosure from 500 sf up to 5,000 sf. Wilco is one of a handful of precast companies which have been certified by Concrete … The modules were assembled at the factory using precast concrete panels including finishing, electrical cabling, sockets and plumbing.