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This week, in partnership with Urban Street Angels, the County of San Diego, and City of San Diego, we announced the addition of 20 new emergency shelter beds for homeless youth.

These critically needed beds will help approximately 60 youth permanently end their homelessness every year.

Efficient use of government resources by the County, City & Urban Street Angels to maximize an existing property to add urgently needed shelter beds deserves a “shamrock” for each.

We are also pleased to provide mattresses, bedding, welcome kits and other necessities to welcome and aid the many youth who will end their homelessness through the addition of these beds.

This kind of public-private partnership is exactly what can and should be replicated and scaled throughout San Diego County. Government dollars must be spent efficiently to maximize existing assets in order to provide immediately available beds.

We are pleased to recognize the County, City & Urban Street Angels with a shamrock for this endeavor.

And, as we prioritize youth and senior homelessness in 2023, we are committed to doing more.

Shamrocks & Shipwrecks