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Our Program

YHDP is part of a broader multi-site partnership with the Regional Taskforce on the Homeless. This program provides supportive housing, linkages to educational and workplace opportunities, referrals into longer-term housing providers, and an array of wraparound services for transition-aged youth experiencing homelessness in San Diego.

TAY Referral


  • Supportive, safe housing for up to 9 months
  • Food
  • Essential transportation
  • Case management with personalized roadmap
  • Linkages to mental & health care
  • Onsite computer lab
  • Linkage to job training / employment opportunities
  • Linkage to educational opportunities
  • Paid internships
  • Personal needs items
  • Peer support & mentorship
  • Special events and community outings
  • Requirements
  • TAY aged (18-24)
  • Homeless

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