Urban Street Angels is a passionate team of experts dedicated to providing stability and independence to homeless youth. Find out more about who we are below.


Each day we set out to create enduring independence for our homeless via supportive housing and job-training.

We’re a different kind of homelessness outreach organization, and that’s because our approach is twofold:

  • Get our youth into a secure, dependable environment
  • Build their skills to support long-term success

Our methods have helped transition-aged youth to permanently change their lives, forwarding our goal of eradicating homelessness. As our youth build safetysecurityconfidence, and independence alongside our dedicated team, we’re able to see a world one taking one step closer toward a more hopeful future.


Founded in 2012, Urban Street Angels is a San Diego native 501(c)3 attentive to supporting homeless youth through supportive housing, peer support, mentorship, mental health counseling, and job training initiatives, in order to develop a more employable workforce and cultivate personal responsibility.

We believe building the lives of any young person requires tremendous care and support—therefore it’s through that care and support we plan to rebuild the bonds of trust and individual confidence necessary to help steward our youth toward a life of stability, away from the streets.



As the Founder and President of Urban Street Angels, Eric has dedicated over 10 years to this organization. Each and every day, he works to expand homeless youth resources in the hopes of improving outcomes for transition-age youth in San Diego and beyond. Over time, his innovative approach to homeless youth stabilization has proven to result in lasting success for a growing cadre of young people who have successfully left homelessness behind for good. In his own words, providing for and mentoring San Diego’s youth homeless community “while the cement is still wet” is essential. Doing both is the only way we can solidify hope in their futures.

After relocating to San Diego in 2011, Eric quickly recognized housing and job training resources for San Diego homeless youth were in short supply. After reflecting and relating his own adolescent experiences, Eric felt compelled to challenge frequent sentiments of homeless rejection and intolerance, in the hopes of changing lives and making an impact on the community.

Today, what began as Eric opening up his own home to many homeless youth, is now an organization housing and guiding 400 each year; giving them access to emergency shelter, transitional housing, job training initiatives, education and employment opportunities, and physical and mental health services. As it operates now, the teams at Urban Street Angels work in partnerships with the County of San Diego, the Regional Taskforce on Homelessness, the City of San Diego’s Housing Commission, and other private organizations to help fulfill its continued mission.