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Be a Friend


In partnership with Lucky Duck Foundation, USA offers a “Be A Friend” program, recruiting volunteers from the greater San Diego community, and pairing them with the youth who choose to participate.  Volunteer “friends” will assist youth with necessary life activities, share knowledge and life skills, and the opportunity to communicate and spend time outside the program.  Ideally the Friend/Neighbor (youth) relationship will continue longer after the youth “graduates.”
“Friends” are asked to make a one year commitment to the program, and agree to meet in person once or twice per month, along with weekly check-ins by text or phone.  Friends are asked to complete quick documentation of activities monthly, and are encouraged to only provide drinks and a meal, not monetary or material gifts.  Listening with empathy, compassion, patience and an open mind are key to successful relationships.
Friends are asked to complete a brief training session (no more than 2 hours) as well as an application.