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Short-term and Bridge Housing Program



Short-term and Bridge Housing is the only program focused on providing transitional, supportive housing and job training opportunities for connected transition-aged youth in the San Diego area. In partnership with the County of San Diego – Behavioral Health Services, we provide supportive housing in our independent-living facilities in San Diego, under the supervision of onsite program staff. Our program staff utilize an evidence-based practice featuring a harm reduction model with trauma-informed care. In order to remain “in good standing”and progress through the program, the youth have a series of objectives that must be met. They meet regularly for counseling and therapy, both with partner agencies and our program team. Some have substance abuse or other treatment programs to attend; others are enrolled in programs to complete their GED or college coursework. These are some of the typical elements of the program plans we oversee, which focus on personal responsibility and hope.

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  • Supportive, safe housing for up to 9 months
  • Meals 3x / day
  • Essential transportation
  • Case management with personalized roadmap
  • Coordinated mental health therapy
  • Onsite computer lab and recreation / activities
  • Linkage to job training / employment opportunities
  • Linkage to educational opportunities
  • Paid internships
  • Personal needs items
  • Peer support & mentorship
  • Special events and community outings

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STBH Program Location: 1404 Fifth Ave San Diego