A five-planet system that contained a single star, Dromund, the Dromund system was historically associated with various Sith organizations. LOC is 854, 642, -67 which is in the Dromund Kaas Spaceport Docking Bay D-61. Added Odessen. [frFemale] => Vous avez exploré toutes les zones de la planète Dromund Kaas… So Number 1 on the Republic Map is at the top, but is at the bottom on the Imperial Map. The Dromund system, also known as the Dromund Kaas system, was a star system in the Outer Rim Territories's Esstran sector that lay within the region of space known as the Sith Worlds. ×Please enter at least one searching criteria and enter minimum 3 chars. Dromund Kaas, the dark heart of the Sith Empire, is a world of lush jungles dominated by vicious predators that are only slightly less dangerous than the Dark Lords that rule there.During the Golden Age of the ancient Sith Empire, Dromund Kaas was found, colonized, and then largely forgotten as its hyperspace coordinates were lost. Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 > Cifering: 01.09.2012 , 08:02 PM | #1: Quote. Over time these survivors set about the task of rebuilding the Empire, intent on returning to the galaxy and bringing their might to bear against their foes once again. This is the area just outside the Dromund Kaas Spaceport. Dromund Kaas Spaceport Expanse. While two of the system's planets, Dromund Ixin and Dromund … This will grant you Galactic History 19: The Pius Dea Crusades. The Galaxy Far, Far Away: Welcome to the most comprehensive map of the Star Wars galaxy, featuring planets from the movies, TV shows, and Expanded Universe. Dromund Kaas. I got my first one, my main, to dromund kaas and the first issue was that my map went completely blank the second i moved and there weren't any symbols for my quests or otherwise leaving me very lost for quite a while until i eventually found my way out of the spaceport. Here is the latest update. Galaxy Map Planetary Grids Cities Creatures Asteroid Fields Galaxy Map Search Political Map Darkness Map Nav Comp Sector: Sith Worlds System: Dromund Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364 here is a screenshot of my map. The coordinates of Dromund Kaas, the ancestral capital of the Sith Empire, were lost until the Great Hyperspace War; Sith seeking to avoid destruction at the hands of the Jedi rediscovered the world by chance. title says it all. Added Copero. [frMale] => Vous avez exploré toutes les zones de la planète Dromund Kaas. Explorer of the Galaxy. i am not able to get whole map of dromund kaas, and it is killing me. Location: General: ... ArrayObject:private] => Array ( [enMale] => Uncovered all map areas of the planet Dromund Kaas. You can use this page to browse and explore the galaxy and find links to Wookieepedia articles about the locations. On the remote jungle world of Dromund Kaas, the Sith have spent a thousand years building their mighty war machine to prepare for an assault on the Galaxy. Colonized in ancient times by the Sith Empire, the hyperspace coordinates of the Dromund Kaas were lost to time, allowing the isolated planet to fade into distant memory. incomplete map - dromund kaas STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > New Player Help incomplete map - dromund kaas Reply. Aar (Star Wars) Abregado-rae: AfEl: Ahch-To: Akiva (Star Wars) The only other obvious differences is that you can shuttle to Coruscant, Tython and Ord Mantell from Carrick Station, but to Dromund Kaas, Korriban and Hutta from Vaiken Spacedock. The second i left the spaceport, my computer froze and the game closed. History. Once you are done there, head outside into the Dromund Kaas Spaceport Expanse. Following a crushing defeat in the … Added Dromund Kaas. The base map itself was made with this website. A lot of base territory information was sampled from a few different maps, but I want to credit Joeltopian directly for working to provide several references for this. I'm going to add updates in a list from now on. One major difference is in the orientation of the quadrants. Academic disciplines Business Concepts Crime Culture Economy Education Energy Events Food and drink Geography Government Health Human behavior Humanities Knowledge Law Life Mind Objects Organizations People Philosophy Society Sports Universe World Arts Lists Glossaries.