Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction and maintenance of space works. I made my own suggestion regarding combat some days ago, however, my take was actually making combat faster and take less time to do the same amount of damage as now, in what we do overlap, is in rebalancing the different weapons to be diferent and letting the player choose, I favor a faster combat since, my experience with vanilla SE is that you will get bogged down in a slugging match, where all external features but armor are erased and you´re manouvering trying to keep that one still working turret facing the enemy. ADD DMG REDUCTION VALUES TO ARMOR, SO IT CANCELLS ALL THE GATLING DMG AND ONLY MISSILES CAN DEAL DMG TO THE BLOCK. For example, with the elite rifle a player can completely destroy a large ship heavy armor block in about a minute. Space Engineers has sold over 3+ million copies since launch and has been voted as the best indie game of 2015 by the IndieDB community. You can help Space Engineers Wiki by expanding it. Explore more items. Players build space ships, wheeled … Space Engineers. Explore more items. A larger variety of more distinct weapons would make designing ships and fighting with them a much more interesting experience. To start I'd like to talk about exactly what combat entails in a game like Space Engineers. I also don't like the idea that you can just pile up weapons on a ship and have it be more effective, which is part of the reason why I'd like to see weapons that are specialized for a certain thing. Created Sep 9, 2013. Since I last played (April 2014 !) :D Are there ai factions? Please see the. There is no point in armoring a large ship or station if a small ship can array 25 gatling guns and destroy your heavy armor blocks in about 1 second. Archived. If you have a related Youtube channel, enter the URL. The game can be played either in single or multiplayer modes. Currently the only time you'd want to use a large ship in combat is if you have a huge refinery and autowelding setup, otherwise your huge ship just gets torn to shreds and there's not much you can do about it. The drones will give up after going 20km away from their spawn point after the 1.100.24 hotfix. WeaponCore is a complete rewrite of the Space Engineers combat system. chevron_left. Looking for good combat drone scripts. The first phase is the design and construction of combat capable ships or facilities. I recommend the Type - 3 - Sniper as its good for sniping turrets.. Next you need to read Space Piracy 101:Cargo Ships, which will tell you were the weak point of the various cargo ships are.. DISCUSSION. Space Engineers. It may be necessary to add in a new game mechanics, for example something similar to the Nanite Repair System mod, that allows for a slow repairing of ships over time. First Steps Once you create a survival world in Space Engineers, you will spawn in a crashed ship with a health, power, oxygen, and hydrogen bar. Released Jan 10th, 2021.Ranked 1,299 of 43,233 with 8 (1 today) downloads. Submitted. Lastly, I'd also like to point out a problem with the repair phase of combat. © Valve Corporation. 1. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Imperial Combat ***** Transport. Also in Space Engineers sometimes the weapons are so powerful that the impact of certain weapons can push your ship after impact. Award. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Space Engineers> Workshop > enenra's Workshop. A small ship gatling gun should be good against engineers and small ship light armor, somewhat effective against small ship heavy armor, barely effective against large ship light armor, and unable to damage large ship heavy armor. Currently we have light and heavy armor for defensive options. Space Engineers®, Medieval Engineers™, Miner Wars™, Miner Wars 2081™, Miner Wars MMO™, Miner Wars Arena™, VRAGE™ are trademarks of Keen Software House s.r.o. Gas tanks explode upon destruction depending on the type and amount of gas stored. It appears that this ship, while not only the first designed fighter craft space craft it contains no oxygen tank or oxygen generator. This can be used to make autonomous mining drones, long-range player-killing torpedoes, automated welding arms for ship construction and much more. Space Engineers concentrates on construction and exploration aspects, but can be played as a survival shooter as well. Blueprint, Rover, Large_Grid, Survival, Safe items. To keep this mod as unintrusive as possible, I've opted to not introduce new ammo types and instead have adjusted other values to achieve the desired results. Thus these kinds of weapons would have significantly diminishing returns the more of them you had. Aug 12, 2016 @ 2:38am Rdav Fleet Command - Meine Kreation Hallo Weltraum Ingineure, ich habe kürzlich mit drohnen experimentiert und bin nun dazu übergegangen ein Drohnen Kommandoschiff zu bauen, welches wie … As discussed in the previous paragraph, they're all very effective against everything, they all have about the same range, about the same accuracy, and so on. Boost to temporarily exceed limits. In terms of combat pace though, I'd rather have a mix of fast paced high lethality combat for small ships and a slower paced combat for large ships with a focus on disabling rather than outright destroying them. Light armor is not completely useless anymore (small grid light armor used to have 100HP, while a single gatling shot did 150HP of damage). New chevron_right. It also appears to be one of the few Large Grid drones to be in the game. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Space Engineers> Workshop > Meridius_IX / Lucas's Workshop. Jan 13, 2015 @ 8:54am How is the Combat aspect in singleplayer? First, I'd like to go over the main problems that we currently face in Space Engineers combat. This ship was likely named as the little brother to Big Red. PvE Improvements, Combat Overhaul and some other things. If you wanted to take on a large ship with small ships you would need to avoid its anti small ship weaponry and take down it's weak points (thrusters, turrets, etc), and then board it to capture it. Blueprint Other_Blueprint Small_Grid Safe. You may need them if You want to get Engineering Degree achievement. You may need them if You want to get Engineering Degree achievement. Programming in Space Engineers is done with the Programmable Block which can be given scripts written in C# (pronounced C Sharp). I recommend the Type - 3 - Sniper as its good for sniping turrets.. Next you need to read Space Piracy 101:Cargo Ships, which will tell you were the weak point of the various cargo ships are.. The (Corvette) is a temporary name given by this site to clarify as to what Red is. The second phase is the actual conflict event itself. Issues. So here are my ideas for how to make the combat more thoughtful. Blocks derive their HP from the components they're built from. Games. Think about modern-day NASA technology extrapolated 60 years into the future. The maximum possible range of even a modded weapon is the render distance of the world (5000m by default iirc). This is the phase where repairs occur in preparation for the next conflict event. A small ship gatling gun should be effective against other lightly armored small ships and a bit effective against heavily armored small ships, but it should basically just plink off the armor of large ships. ADD SO MUCH REDUCTION, THAT A RIFLE IS INEFFECTIVE. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Space Engineers > General Discussions > Topic Details. SGA Combat Puddle Jumper for Space Engineers. The fundamental gameplay loop of combat in SE is solid, each phase of combat is interesting and compelling, however the current implementation of weapons, namely that weapons are far too powerful, is causing some big issues. Online. A large ship might have some kind of artillery, like an armor piercing railgun which is incredibly power consuming with a low firerate that is only worth using against other large ships. Once you create a survival world in Space Engineers, you will spawn in a crashed ship with a health, power, oxygen, and hydrogen bar. Space Engineers strives to follow the laws of physics and doesn't use technologies that wouldn't be feasible in the near future. In the future I'd like the damage of all weapons to be lowered a bit, but then make it so weapons are only effective against what they are supposed to be effective against, but not anything more. close. This should be enough to get you going. Why This Topic . UVE GOT ALL THE ELEMENTS. Trending chevron_right. Space Engineers - Locations and Tips (Engineering Degree Achievement) Written by Vagrant326 / Jul 2, 2019 In this guide You will find all locations with tasks in Learning to Survive scenario. Combat Drone. In the future a medium armor may be a good addition, and perhaps a super heavy armor that is either prohibitively heavy for ships or is exclusively for stations and buildings so that stations and buildings have a better defense at the cost of materials. These phases are temporally separate and rely on their own unique mechanics, but also feed into one another to create the overall combat experience, making them useful categories for analysis. 1 . Description Discussions 16 Comments 1024 Change Notes. Blueprint, Rover, Small_Grid, Safe items. Log in to view your list of favourite games. A warning before we get into this: It's a long, rambling essay about what standards a potential Space Engineers combat update would need to satisfy to be effective, as well as my own concept for a solution for the current state of SE combat. Congratulations on the Space Engineers 1.0 release, I'm looking forward to what's to come. Mod category: Modpack, Other. Personally I'd like to see different combat styles for various sizes of ships. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I'd like the weapon rebalance and new weapons to help further a vision of how the combat phase of SE should be. the Fenrir Combat Destroyer, … Looking for good combat drone scripts. Pirate bases were added in update 01.100, they use an antenna to spawn drones that chase after you using a Programmable Block and the new autopilot. It is only visible to you. from the ammo type they use. outside of the Space Engineers campaign. Favorited. Je nach Verfügbarkeit gehen wir gerne darauf ein ! Posted . I hope it helps. Small Gatling Gun ROF is now the same as the Small Gatling Turret. To that end, I'd like to try and analyze the combat of Space Engineers and hopefully provide some interesting suggestions for a way to improve combat in future updates of the game. This hurts the design phase as you can't really engineer defensive solutions and the best offensive solution is to just add more guns, it hurts the combat phase as combat is short and uninteresting, and it hurts the repair phase since once combat is done, your giant heavily armored ship has been torn to literal shreds. Additionally, combat is un-thoughtful. Pretty much all of the weapons mods include weapons that have more than 800m of range. Unfavorite. Players build and pilot space ships, construct space stations, and mine for raw materials utilizing a volumetric physics engine. To me this seems odd, but I'm not sure how to best fix it. This is far too fast. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Recently added 26 View all 1,181. Currently in the game we have 5 primary weapons (Handheld Rifle, Gatling Gun, Gatling Turret, Rocket Launcher, and Rocket Turret), and none of them are particularly distinct from one another. Looking for good combat drone scripts. Members. Looking for good combat drone scripts. 1 Specifications; 2 Equipment; 3 Inventory; 4 Gallery; Specifications. 1 year ago. Goodnight. 1. I SAID THAT YEARS AGO. I hope it helps. For example, the engineer's elite rifle should be good against other engineers, somewhat effective against small ship light armor, barely effective (if at all) against small ship heavy armor, and unable to damage large ship armor. xD You lost your only jump drive. We expect players will avoid engaging in direct engineer-to-engineer combat and instead use their creativity and engineering skills to build war machines and fortifications to survive in space and on planets. Explore more items. Space Engineer. Unser Ziel ist es den Server mit 32 Leuten zu starten. In fact, it turns out that the best way to repair a large ship is to completely grind it down and then use a welder setup to rebuild it from scratch. Rebalancing weapons so that you have to choose which weapon to use in which situation is important to me as well. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Space Engineers > German Discussion > Topic Details. I hate gat-deathballs or gat turret arrays, because you shouldn´t have to spam something to be effective and such solutions are performance intensive. 624. Browse all chevron_right; Browse all chevron_right. Released Jan 10th, 2021.Ranked 1,299 of 43,233 with 8 (1 today) downloads. Wir wollen durch Zahlreiche Fraktionen und Spieler ein lebendes Universum erschaffen in dem Kriege durch Diplomatie mit anderen Spielern verhindert oder entfacht werden können. Description Discussions 0 Comments 67 Change Notes. If you spawn anywhere else besides a habitable planet, you will need to keep an eye on your oxygen meter. Changes damage handling to distribute excess damage after a block is destroyed to the surrounding blocks. Obviously, the code of this game allows for you to have drones that attack players and player grids. DISCUSSION. Space Engineers is a voxel-based sandbox game set in space and on planets. Aye, my ships are throw-aways compared to a lot of other designs, still, I would repair them by hand if needed to and relegate them to support, in my try, I didn´t make new weapons since I wanted the most simple overhaul I could get, the best option is to make a small ship deal with it, they can do it cleanly with a single target and with accurate fire, have minimal colateral damage, but only with gats, missiles are the "I don´t want spoils, I want smithereens". Conflict in Space Engineers occurs in three fairly distinct phases. Creative Mode in Space Engineers is a free building mode that allows players have the ability to place an infinite number of blocks, unlike Survival Mode where blocks must be constructed from Components, and welded in a time-consuming fashion.In Creative Mode, blocks are placed instantly; fully constructed, players are immune to damage; Hydrogen & Oxygen will not be … Space Engineers has been available for quite a few years now and been at least semi-popular for all of that time.