“It looks like [this outbreak] is going to have the most significant tornadoes for us since 1984,” explained Frank Alsheimer, science and operations officer at the National Weather Service office in Columbia, S.C. “Looking at the ... setup, the [parameters] were the top of tornado situations around here. Some called to each other from across the street to check in while others chatted on their front porches. By Associated Press , Wire Service Content Dec. 24, 2020 But this time around, tornado No. 2020 Weather in Review: Tornadoes, hurricanes, warm records, and more. That could have strengthened the second tornado and may explain the sharp curve in its path as well. That rotation tightened as it crossed Atomic Road (Route 125) to the northeast. 2’s track was initially listed as beginning near Elko, S.C., at 5:46 a.m. — but that’s unlikely to be the true beginning of the twister’s rampage, since radar revealed it had continuously lofted debris in the air beginning five miles or so to the southwest, beginning at 5:35 a.m. The Tornado Outbreak of January 10-14, 2020 was a large outbreak that devastated parts of the Southern United States, especially the Deep South.In all, 1,360 tornadoes touched down. A widespread and deadly tornado outbreak affected the Southeastern United States on Easter Sunday and Monday, April 12–13, 2020. At least 16 tornadoes have been confirmed across South Carolina alone, a number that could grow as National Weather Service survey teams continue to inspect damage. This is the first on record in southeast South Carolina. Residents are asked to stay at home from 10 p.m. Tuesday until 6 a.m. Wednesday. 1. 1 “finally dissipated northeast of Springfield, just before reaching the path of [tornado No. It was the most significant severe weather outbreak in the state since March 2008, said Richard Okulski, South Carolina National Weather Service Meteorologist-in-Charge. Tornadoes are rated EF0 to EF5. ... 2020 / 5:23 AM Greenville County Emergency Management Director Jay Merritt said nowhere in Greenville County was hit particularly hard other than downed trees which individual fire departments are mostly handling. The2020 Charleston, South Carolina Tornado was an extremely deadly, destructive, catastrophic, and costly, EF4-rated tornado that struck Charleston, South Carolina on January 28, 2020. The first tornado apparently dwindled some in intensity as its vorticity — or spin energy — was affected by the competition nearby. Check back with greenvilleonline.com for updates. It’s not unusual for a thunderstorm to produce multiple tornadoes. ... September 18, 2020 08:56 PM "We got nothing like the damage to the west.". Author: WCNC Staff, Billie Jean Shaw Published: 12:39 PM EDT April 13, 2020 Gov. You’ll see that after the interaction, the second tornado quickly strengthened, going from producing EF1 damage (yellow) to EF3 damage (orange). As many as 290,000 utility customers lost power from the storms, but most of the outages were repaired by Monday evening with about 90,000 still without power. The remnant low from Hurricane Delta and a front stalled near the North Carolina/South Carolina border set the stage for a tornado outbreak across eastern South and North Carolina during the afternoon of October 11, 2020. NWS storm surveys confirmed four tornadoes touched down in all -- … Two people were missing. A tornado with 140 mph winds destroyed a double-wide home on Preserver Road near Livingston in Orangeburg County, according to … The main campus suffered limited damage, but the decision was made due to personnel who experienced damage or lost power from the storms. NWS will also survey that area. In cyclic supercells, which exhibit the tornado trade-off discussed, it’s the dying funnel that makes the left turn. A Doppler radar product that looks for the types and sizes of objects that the radar beam bounces off detected an area with jagged, irregular objects flying around in the atmosphere. That was a telltale sign that a tornado was on the ground and causing serious damage. It does not impact people going to work or visiting friends and family. The science behind this strange dance between hurricanes Hilary and Irwin, At 5:55 a.m., tornado No. A A. Traffic was backed up on US-123 heading into Clemson Monday morning due to downed trees following powerful overnight storms. The storm’s lone area of rotation will produce a tornado, and that twister will eventually weaken and curve to the left before a new tornado touches down to the right. That was the case on March 13, 1990, when the remnants of a former F5 tornado were drawn into a new, strengthening tornado near Hesston, Kan.